17 April, 2014

Fat Bob's Bar & Grill

Fat Bob's Bar & Grill really needs no introduction. You’ve heard it from The Burger Adventure, and you’ve seen it topping the charts on The Herald Sun, but what were my thoughts?

Gourmet Zucchini Chips

We started with the Gourmet Zucchini Chips, deep fried to a light and crispy finish, which contrasted nicely with the tender flesh of the zucchini. 

Jackie O

Juicy The 180g grass fed beef patty was cooked simply, just between medium and well done – juicy and meaty in the centre, though dry on the outer edges. The bun was soft yet solid, tomato and cos fresh, with slices of sweet Spanish onion, all smeared with squirts of tangy mustard, tomato sauce and Fat Bob’s special creamy tangy sauce. In size, it was a rather large burger, but taste-wise, nothing outstanding.

Fat Bob

My friend challenged himself to the Fat Bob – a true Aussie burger beefed up with a beef patty, beetroot, tomato, Spanish onion, tasty cheese, bacon rashers, a pineapple ring, fried egg, cos and tomato sauce. All of which he washed down with a creamy chocolate milkshake.

Perhaps it was the hype, the reviews and the high expectations that I had gone in with. For me, Fat Bob’s just didn’t blow me away. Burgers aside, the neon signage, old tin cans and atmosphere were one of a kind, and overall I did enjoy myself. If you’re in the area - I’d happily point you in the right direction.

Fat Bob's Bar & Grill
80 Cochranes Road
Moorabbin, VIC

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12 April, 2014

Top Paddock

Top Paddock, you never cease to amaze me.

Today, I must simply rave about their Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes. We all know, I’m not one to order sweets, but these hotcakes - they're something different. They have been on my mind for as long as I can remember. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Urbanspoon or fellow bloggers’ posts, these hotcakes have been calling my name.

Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcake

The pillowy hotcake was light, soft and incredibly fluffy, whilst it’s edges had a nice crisp to it. Smothered in their delicious  organic maple, a dollop of mascarpone and spotted with crunchy pepitas, mixed berries and petals – it was almost too gorgeous to eat. What I loved most about this dish was that it wasn’t too sweet, with surprise pockets of ricotta that balanced out both flavour and texture.

How lucky I am, to work just around the corner from work.

Top Paddock
658 Church Street
Richmond, VIC

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08 April, 2014

Chocolate Truffles

There is really nothing quite like the silky sensation of rich creamy truffles - little pieces of heaven slowly melting on your tongue. And we all know, one is never enough. So I decided to go ahead and make a few dozen.

  • Recipe: 

  • ▢   200g good-quality milk chocolate, broken into small pieces

  • ▢   2/3 cup thickened cream

  • ▢   Icing sugar, to dust

  • ▢   Cocoa powder, sifted to roll

Step 1: In a large mixing bowl, break chocolate into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is to melt the chocolate.

Step 2: Pour thickened cream into a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Step 3: Immediately pour cream over chocolate.

Step 4: Stir and mix until the chocolate has completely melted. At this point, you have now made ganache.

Step 5: Set aside at room temperature until it has completely cooled. Cover, and place in refrigerator overnight to set.

Step 6: Use a teaspoon to spoon out bite-sized pieces.

Step 7: Dust hands with icing sugar to prevent the mixture from sticking, and roll mixture into balls in the palm of your hands. Roll in cocoa.

Step 8: Share and enjoy !