Mr Burger

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The guys at Mr Burger are pretty serious about what they do. They serve burgers, chips and drinks - that is all. Three carefully crafted burgers with top notch ingredients, made just for Melbournians. Mr Burger, Mr Meat and Mr Veg, take your pick.

Being the little piggy I am, I think I nearly squealed when my work colleague had pointed out the food truck across the road.

Mr Meat

Wrapped in foil, just like the American take away burgers do, my Mr Meat did not disappoint. A reliable combination of a sweet and super soft bun, a juicy patty of tender beef, and oozy, melty cheese. Topped off with fresh lettuce, smokey bacon, caramelised onions, tangy pickles and a lathering of BBQ sauce and mayo, I wolfed this down in record time. A truly satisfying burger that really hit the bullseye.

Mr Burger, I blame you - you've got me addicted to burgers all over again.

Mr Burger
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