Kong BBQ

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From the brains behind the ever so popular Chin Chin and Baby, now comes Kong BBQ. Positioned comfortably on Church Street, Kong joins a bustling street of crowd pleasers - Top Paddock and Pillar of Salt. Fitted out by designers Eades and Bergman, the 60-seat restaurant is casual - simple yet bold. The menu, inspired by Korean and Japanese flavours focuses strongly slow cooking, the oriental BBQ way. 

Teriyaki Roast Ora King Salmon Ssam Roti Roll

The flavour and texture of Ora King Salmon was full, rich and buttery together with lashings of teriyaki  sauce mingled with the sweet crunch of wok fried Chinese broccoli and tomato. The roti was tender on the inside, soaking up all the sauces, yet the outer layer still crisp and nicely charred. Not exactly a Korean or Japanese inspired dish, but no one’s complaining here. My friend and I fell in love with this dish and had us singing praises for the entire meal.

Kong  Bossam BBQ Tray

I'm a big fan of bossam, mixing and matching bold flavours that you create in your own individual morsel. The gochujang BBQ chicken was delightful, pulled pork a little lifeless, pork belly and crackling absolutely lip-smacking and the beef brisket slightly dry but saved by the coffee infused tomato relish. Together with the fresh lettuce, tangy pickles, wombok kimchi & walnut ssamjang, we had lots of fun playing with your food - in an acceptable way of course. 

At Kong, atmosphere is loud and lively, service fun and friendly, and food marvously mouth-watering. Would I come back you ask ? Puh-lease, that’s not even a question - I’ve already been back for seconds. Kong is King.

Kong BBQ
599 Church Street  
Richmond, VIC 3121

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