Mamame' Eatery & Bar

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My love for soft shell crab and steamed buns continue, this time at Mamame Eatery and Bar. Pronounced similarly to edamame, Mamame (mur-mah-may) is a bright and friendly addition to Church Street. And all that was required was a quick perusal of their menu and I was sold. Not to mention, it would only be rude not to go and welcome them to Richmond. I mean come on, it’s Japanese/Korean fusion, how could we not ?

Steamed Buns

As the food arrived, there was a moment of silent appreciation. However, this was not the case for long. We tackled the steamed buns fist. The fluffy buns were a lovely canvas for the fatty grilled pork, soft yet slightly crisp on the edges, crunchy cucumber slices and kimchi coordinated with lashings of fiery red ssam sauce. Flavours match made in heaven. Roughly the size of my fist, the sizing of these buns were substantial, but had still left me wanting for more. Seriously though, can you blame me ?

Soft Shell Crab Sliders

Our tastebuds were next treated by their Soft Shell Crab Sliders. Crispy morsels of soft shell crab, Asian cabbage slaw and spicy mayo sandwiched by a buttery sweet brioche bun. The soft shell crab was satisfyingly crunchy yet sufficiently meaty and juicy, pairing well with a refreshing cabbage slaw. If I had to be picky, I’d say the spicy mayo did not have enough of a kick to it. But that’s just me being the chilli lover I am. 

In review, though my friend and I were quite strapped for time, we thoroughly enjoyed each and every second at Mamame. The food was brilliantly executed, and the service was smooth and speedy in accommodating for our hurried meal. Simply put, our experience at Mamame was just lovely all round.

Mamame' Eatery & Bar
460 Church Street  
Richmond, VIC 3121

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