Middle Fish

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Hip-hip-hooray ! Happy 3rd birthday Middle Fish ! And boy does Middle Fish know how to throw a party. Along with the Thai birthday brunch we indulged in, we also took part in a cooking demonstration where owner, Pla shared her secrets of Thai home cooking and the launch of Middle Fish's brand new shop featuring the eclectic works of international designer Khun Hem. 

The best way to describe Middle Fish ? If Thailand and Melbourne had a baby, Middle Fish would be the product - a fusion of industrial and modern art, large steel bench tops and exposed brick walls. Food wise, it's as authentic as it gets. Though I didn't manage to get my hands on each and every dish, here is a visual highlight of some of Pla's amazing Southern Thai dishes.

Kang Tai Pla

Chocolate and Almond Tea

Sa La Pao

Tiger Prawn Spring Roll

Mushroom Spring Roll

Mini Fish Cake Burgers

Salmon Salad

Thai Desserts

No doubt about, Middle Fish promises to bring the joys of Thailand cultures, customers and cuisines to Melbourne. In fact, I enjoyed my visit so much, I'm heading back tomorrow. Race you there ?

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of Zilla & Brooks and Middle Fish

Middle Fish
122-128 Berkeley Street 
Carlton VIC 3053

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