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Operator25 has got to be one of my favourite brunch spots. Big call, I know. But hey, what's not to like ? It pushes all the right buttons, from it's modern edge design, witty branding and graphics to it's inspiring menu with global accents taking Melbourne's brunch scene to the next level. 

Served against all this playfulness is their serious passion for food and specialty coffee - two things these guys will never joke about. And believe me when I say that Operator25's new autumn menu is here to excite the senses. A great range of dishes to please anyone and everyone. 

 Balinese Pulled Pork Burger

 I fell head over heels for it back in 2013 - it was love at first sight. Such tender, juicy pork that melted in your mouth, full of flavour thanks to a marinade boasting over 30 herbs and spices. Accompanied by a crunchy cabbage and carrot slaw, fresh springs of coriander and chilli mayo, this burger was simply divine. Can I please redial another one ?

Smoked Sardines 

This was a flavour powerhouse of a dish - salty smoked sardines on grilled rye, fitted with delicate slices of pickled cucumber, shards of manchego cheese and herbed up with parsley, rocket and dill.

#NOYOUHANGUP - Honey & fruit infused coffee, Grand Marnier, 
Amaro Montenegro, orange bitters, tonic water, mint, orange peel

House Brewed Iced Tea - Hibiscus, chamomile, eucalypt honey 
served with mint, segmented orange and nata de coco

Ras El Hanout Soft Polenta 

The Ras El Hanout Soft Polenta was spectacular too and the epitome of an autumn dish. A spoonful of the soft creamy polenta felt just like a warm hug from the inside, contrasting wonderfully with the perfectly grilled octopus and chorizo patty. So much yes.

Spiced Chickpea Fritters 

Beautifully fluffy spiced chickpea fritters served with herb tahini, tomato and cucumber salsa, cottage cheese, chipotle sauce, crisp flatbread and thick cut streaky bacon. I repeat, thick cut streaky bacon. Will you just look at that bacon ! 

Elderflower Sago 

For dessert, we moved onto one of Operator25's signature dishes, the Elderflower Sago. Visually pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing to the palette, we loved the playground of textures and intricate flavours of this dish - from the refreshing elderflower sago, bursting chia seeds, the tartness of rhubarb together with the sweetness of the strawberry compote, heavenly light white chocolate foam to the crunch of the freeze-dried mango. Absolute bliss.

Ginger and Date Bread 

Last but not least was the dish that stole my heart. Oh so soft and moist ginger and date bread topped with a luscious mascarpone folded with caramelised banana, studded with a salted milk crumb and  pomegranate molasses. Food porn at it's finest.

Operator25, you brew my mind. Over and over again.

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of Operator25

25 Wills Street  
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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