Chez Dré

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On a scorching day of 37 degrees, my friend and I ventured out to Chez Dré. 
Moving quickly, we parked, paid for our parking tickets and rushed down the little alley to where we hid from the heat.

As always, I did my research beforehand, and so I knew what to expect. And what I saw were exact replicas of the plethora of Chez Dré photos I've seen taken by fave bloggers.

Having already had a can of Red Bull and a coffee before heading to Chez Dré, I sadly had to refuse my body any more caffeine. 

So, we can jump straight into the food ! 

Grand petit dejeuner - Poached eggs on sourdough, Toulouse sausage,
 bacon, potato rösti, sautéed mushrooms, provençal tomato, 
spiced avocado  & tomato chutney

Wow ! Was this a full breakfast ! And, no matter how many times I have had poached eggs, the golden perfection of oozing yolks never gets old. The provençal tomato was fun to eat as it incorporated very opposite textures. The tomato itself was sweet and juicy, stuffed and then baked with crunchy seasoned bread crumbs. However, the potato rösti was something that puzzled me. Having a Swiss friend, who often made potato rösti a different way, I was expecting the  rösti at Chez Dré to be the same. The way my Swiss friend made the traditional Swiss rösti was with grated potato. At Chez Dré, the rösti seemed to be more of a heavy mashed potato rösti, rather than the soft fluffy rösti I had grown to love. Nonetheless, it was delicious, just not what I had expected. The highlight of this dish had to be the spiced avocado . The zing, zang pow of the spices and acidity really topped off the dish. I can assure you all of the avocado was polished off.

Maybe I hyped up for it too much, but was not blown away for a  'Talk of the Town' brunch spot. Maybe it was my high high expectations. Oh well, was a lovely brunch nevertheless !

Will come back for coffee and dessert next time !

Chez Dré
287 Coventry Street
South MelbourneVIC

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