26 June, 2014

MELT Pizza

When pizza was first invented in Naples over 200 years ago, it was fast and nutritious. Today, with MELT Pizzas’ fresh take on the old classics, it still is.

With MELT as Chapel Street’s latest pizzeria, Windsor residents can now be really picky about their pizza. And I must say, MELT is perfect for the health-conscious. Light dough (no oil, fat or sugar), fresh local produce, all wood-fired in a 400 degree stone oven for 2 minutes – that’s faster than a cup of 2-minute noodles ! No doubt, your taste buds and body will be thanking you after a meal here.

Customised Pizza

For pizzas, we had the choice to pick from their ‘Classics’ or to ‘Customise’ our own. I love playing around with flavours, so when given the opportunity, DIY is the way to go. Starting with a basil pine nut pesto, we complemented our pizza-baby with spinach, roasted pumpkin, Meredith goats cheese, fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. In the oven it went, and literally 2 minutes later, out popped our freshly wood-fired pizza. We adored this wholesome pizza with its crispy chewy base.


We also nourished our bodies with a salad of spinach, oven roasted sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli, red quinoa, white quinoa, red rice, pepitas, sunflower seeds, almond flakes dolloped with a yoghurt and a nutty tahini dressing. This pleasantly crunchy super salad offered a wholesome earthy flavour and savoury appeal. What I would have loved for though, was a little more seasoning and perhaps a larger bowl to contain all the goodness this salad offers together.


The more carnivorous side of us enjoyed the Meatballs. Piping hot out of the oven, the grass fed free range beef meatballs sizzled in a spicy tomato sauce and melty cheese. They were exactly what we had hoped for – soaking up the richness of the sauce, the balls were juicy and flavoursome.

The guys here at MELT Pizza take their food very seriously, and it is easy to see they are passionate about what they do. Service is warm and friendly, with staff more than happy to stop by for a chat and laugh. What stood out to me the most was the philosophy of the food, which just adds that extra touch to feel a little more connected with the food on your plate.

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of MELT Pizza

MELT Pizza
171 Chapel Street
Windsor, VIC

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20 June, 2014

The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014

Another year, another round of applause to Melbourne's amazing cafes ! 

A huge congratulations to the cafes who topped the The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014. Best eggs ? Best coffee ? Look no further.

eftpos Best Cafe 
Top Paddock - Richmond

Best New Cafe 
Stagger Lee's - Fitzroy.

Best Coffee
Seven Seeds - Carlton

Best Boutique Roaster
Industry Beans - Fitzroy

Best Brew Bar
Everyday Coffee - Collingwood

Best Barista
James Kilby - Brunswick East Project - Brunswick East

Best Small Cafe
Guerilla Espresso - Footscray

Best Food Cafe
Ora - Kew

Local Hero
Dakdak Cafe - Moorabbin

Hall of Fame
Pellegrini's - Melbourne

Want to get your hands on your very own copy ? The Age Good Cafe Guide 2014 can be purchased for $5 with The Age on Saturday June 21st from participating newsagents, while stocks last. It will also be available in selected bookshops and online at theageshop.com.au for $9.99.

18 June, 2014

Workshop Specialty Coffee

Situated on the quieter end of Glenhuntly Road, the Brothers at Workshop Specialty Coffee have been pleasing coffee-lovers for just over a year now. The cafe features a rustic brick feature wall, washed timber tables, industrial light fixtures and huge windows, bathing the space in sunshine. Touches of nature brings colour and life to the space, with bright yellow chrysanthemums bringing instant happiness.

The menu is loaded with goodies - think Five Spice Soft Shell Crab Salad, Spiced Ricotta Croquettes to The Full Catastrophe. For those that crave sugar for breakfast, be tempted by Ricotta Hotcakes with saffron poached pears, sour cherry coulis, candy and range blossom mascarpone.

Skinny Flat White

Full bodied and creamy, my coffee went down an absolute treat. Can I mention again just how much I am in love with those Chrysanthemum flowers ? Flowers and coffee are a lethal combination.

Soy Latte

Quinoa & Parmesan Fritters

As soon as I had laid eyes on the Quinoa & Parmesan Fritters, I was sold.  When bitten into, the  generously sized fritters delivered the unique crunch of the quinoa, the sharp distinctive flavours of parmesan, and the burst of sweetness of onions. Together with silky folds of avocado, beautiful thin slices of house made salmon gravlax and a duo of perfectly runny poached eggs doused in a creamy and light dill hollandaise, I was all smiles. Two big thumbs up from this little piggy.

All in all, Workshop Specialty Coffee is a well-rounded cafe that is churning out what I believe to be the best coffee in Glen Huntly. Hand in hand with top notch food and warm, friendly service, there is no reason not to visit. 

Workshop Specialty Coffee
1146 Glenhuntly Road 
Glen Huntly, VIC

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13 June, 2014

Eat the Globe

Hi Friends - hope you’re all having a wonderful week !

This post today is a little different to my usual food ramblings, and is more about sharing what the lovely people over at Eat the Globe are doing to make a difference.

One small nibble for Foodies, one giant bite for Mankind !

Eat the Globe is a virtual dinner table where foodies can get together and talk about the ruler of all pleasures - food. Anything and everything food related, Eat the Globe is all about spreading the love - sharing recipes, favourite restaurants and food trends around the world.

A space where your passion for food can change the world, as Eat the Globe donates $1 for every food post to Oxfam on your behalf!

How Eat the Globe came about:

Eat the Globe was founded by Dinh Tran - a passionate food lover who enjoys travelling the world and experiencing new cultures, especially through tasting the local cuisines. It was when Dinh found there wasn't a go-to place online where she could share her food adventures and tips that the idea of "Eat the Globe" was born.

Dinh wanted Eat the Globe to not just be about food, but also about the power of passionate people making a difference together, hence the partnership with Oxfam was established.

That’s enough from me though, have a look around yourself – search by your fave foodie, story, cuisine or location, it’s really that simple !

Join Eat the Globe now - your passion for food can change the world, literally!

08 June, 2014

Shyun Ramen Bar

Carnegie has always been one of my favourite places to dine at, and boy has Carnegie changed over the years. What started off as a quiet suburb with just a handful of family restaurants has now exploded into one of the hottest foodie destinations in Melbourne. You've got your old time favourites Kuala Lumpur, Paradai Thai and Kimchi Grandma, the newer kids to the block like Shyun, Mrs Kims Grill and Spilt Milk and with the likes of Pho66 and Petaling Street opening shop in the next few months. 

It was just two weeks ago that Carnegie said "Irrashaimase" to Shyun Ramen Bar, the newest addition to Melbourne's ramen scene. And it hasn't taken long for locals and Shyun devotees to find their way to Shyun Ramen Bar, just down the road from sister restaurant Shyun - myself included. Cold weather demands comfort food. 

Upon walking, you'll realise just how small the ramen bar is - seating up to 24 remen-goers or perhaps 30 if you really want to push it. It's a casual and simple space - open kitchen, wooden tables, black metal stools and a self-service ordering system. 


Titled Chef's Pick, the Tori-gara had to be ordered. The broth was golden, thick and robust in chicken flavour. Just a sip of this broth told stories of the countless hours it simmered over the stove. The rich broth enveloped perfect bouncy and chewy noodles, two slices of fatty chashu, an overcooked egg and your usual trimmings. 


The tonkotsu broth, also boiled over hours, was a wonderfully rich and creamy consistency. In comparison to the Tori-gara, though the broth had a lot of depth to it, we found the complexity of the flavours did not quite hit the same notes. 


Of course, we also ordered a serving of their Takoyaki. Complete with dancing bonito flakes, these were extremely satisfying with its crisp exterior and lovely creamy texture inside. Check out that octopus tentacle ! Clearly a winning dish, I'd have to say these are one of the best ones I've had in Melbourne.

Overall, our speedy meal at Shyun Ramen Bar was a great winter warmer. Portions here may be small for some, but the quality is there. I must add though, my main gripe is how small the space is - with hungry queuers hawk eyeing you as you eat, and the countless times I was bumped or asked to get up mid-eating so that people could get out/get in, it isn't the most comfortable place to be.

If you're in the area, do go and try if you're feeling like a quick meal, but do not expect to stay for more than 30 minutes.

Shyun Ramen Bar
73 Koornang Road 
Carnegie VIC 3163

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03 June, 2014


No doubt about it, Rumi is charming. The space is warm and sophisticated, with its intricate poetry etched into wooden screens, and room filled with the aromatic flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Arak Fakra

We started the night off by warming our stomachs with some Arak, an aniseed based drink distilled from wine and aged in clay jars. Arak first, water second and ice last - following this order, we watched as the once colourless drink transformed into a translucent milky-white colour.

Sigara Boregi 

We then kicked off with Sigara Boreki - brilliant little things. A lethal trio of haloumi, feta and kasseri, the blend of the cheeses was soft, rich and salty - all rolled delicately in a crisp and flakey pastry. 

Freekeh Salad

We then transitioned smoothly onto our mains of the Freekeh Salad and Spiced Lamb Shoulder. The combination of the Freekeh Salad was lovely and a medley of exciting tastes and textures. The nuttiness and chewiness of the freekeh, crunch of the almonds, light tang from the ewe's milk feta and the sweetness of the pomegranate dressing made a substantial and tasty salad.

Spiced Lamb Shoulder

The lamb shoulder itself was cooked beautifully, benefiting from long slow cooking times. Despite its dark and dry looking appearance, with only a gentle prod, the meat slipped off easily the bone, revealing a tender and pink flesh. We did however find that the lamb did not deliver as much flavour as we had hoped for, even with the sweet sirkanjabin mint sauce.

BBQ Lamb Ribs

Timed perfectly, we then progressed onto our next wave of dishes. In contrast to our previous dish, these BBQ Lamb Ribs were full of flavour and perfectly seasoned with za'atar. I tackled three of these moreish ribs with my hands, there's really no time for cutlery in these situations. I know, very lady-like of me.

Roast Field Mushrooms

Our final dish of the night were these wonderfully meaty roast field mushrooms. A bite into one of these had us singing praises for the rest of the night. With our flat bread, we mopped up every last drop of its accompanying creamy garlic yogurt. 

Rumi delivered on all fronts, with a special mention to their impeccable service. We walked out of Rumi with full bellies and smiles on our faces - a night at Rumi certainly promises to be a feast for both the eyes and palette. 

116 Lygon Street  
Brunswick East, VIC 

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