Eat the Globe

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Hi Friends - hope you’re all having a wonderful week !

This post today is a little different to my usual food ramblings, and is more about sharing what the lovely people over at Eat the Globe are doing to make a difference.

One small nibble for Foodies, one giant bite for Mankind !

Eat the Globe is a virtual dinner table where foodies can get together and talk about the ruler of all pleasures - food. Anything and everything food related, Eat the Globe is all about spreading the love - sharing recipes, favourite restaurants and food trends around the world.

A space where your passion for food can change the world, as Eat the Globe donates $1 for every food post to Oxfam on your behalf!

How Eat the Globe came about:

Eat the Globe was founded by Dinh Tran - a passionate food lover who enjoys travelling the world and experiencing new cultures, especially through tasting the local cuisines. It was when Dinh found there wasn't a go-to place online where she could share her food adventures and tips that the idea of "Eat the Globe" was born.

Dinh wanted Eat the Globe to not just be about food, but also about the power of passionate people making a difference together, hence the partnership with Oxfam was established.

That’s enough from me though, have a look around yourself – search by your fave foodie, story, cuisine or location, it’s really that simple !

Join Eat the Globe now - your passion for food can change the world, literally!