30 September, 2014

Hello Sam

Puns. I love puns. Even better ? Buns with puns. Enter Hello Sam.

You may remember my last post on Hello Sam earlier this year, and so I was delighted when the owner, Katherine made contact to let me know that they just introduced a new menu ! After spotting numerous mouth-watering posts on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I was sold.

Sam the Man

Wow, just wow. Where do I even begin ? The thick 100% Angus beef patty was cooked just right, to a wonderful shade of pink in the middle, topped off with the perfect melted hit of cheddar ale oozing into every nook and cranny. Add to that bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion, beetroot relish, tomato relish and not just one mustard, but two mustard mayo. I did feel however, a pinch of salt or a punch of herbs would have really taken the patty in the burger to the next level. On the other hand, the sweetness of the relishes added an extra oomph of flavour, but not to the extent of overshadowing the burger. Post Sam the Man, I looked like an absolute mess. Real lady-like, I know. Oh, a great job on the onion rings too.

Davo - Sam's Big Brother

Whilst I was making my way through Sam the Man, Burger King wrapped his hands (hardly) around Davo – Sam’s big brother, beefing it up to three patties. The whole thing was glorious really – barely contained between a toasted brioche bun was beef, bacon, egg, beef, hash brown, red onion, tomato relish, BBQ sauce and even more beef. And he demolished it. Asked for his thoughts on the burger, he mentioned that he would have loved to see some fresh elements in there and would have preferred less BBQ sauce.

BBQ n’ Bacon Chips

Between mouthfuls of our burgers, we also spoiled ourselves with BBQ n’ Bacon Chips. Think crispy, thicky and fluffy beer-battered chips loaded with bacon, slathered in BBQ sauce and tasty cheese.

The lovely Katherine appreciatively took on board all our feedback, and will be working closely with their head chef to continously improve their new menu. Talk about customer service !

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of Hello Sam

Hello Sam
760 Chapel Street
South Yarra, VIC 3141

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26 September, 2014

Mamame' Eatery & Bar

My love for soft shell crab and steamed buns continue, this time at Mamame Eatery and Bar. Pronounced similarly to edamame, Mamame (mur-mah-may) is a bright and friendly addition to Church Street. And all that was required was a quick perusal of their menu and I was sold. Not to mention, it would only be rude not to go and welcome them to Richmond. I mean come on, it’s Japanese/Korean fusion, how could we not ?

Steamed Buns

As the food arrived, there was a moment of silent appreciation. However, this was not the case for long. We tackled the steamed buns fist. The fluffy buns were a lovely canvas for the fatty grilled pork, soft yet slightly crisp on the edges, crunchy cucumber slices and kimchi coordinated with lashings of fiery red ssam sauce. Flavours match made in heaven. Roughly the size of my fist, the sizing of these buns were substantial, but had still left me wanting for more. Seriously though, can you blame me ?

Soft Shell Crab Sliders

Our tastebuds were next treated by their Soft Shell Crab Sliders. Crispy morsels of soft shell crab, Asian cabbage slaw and spicy mayo sandwiched by a buttery sweet brioche bun. The soft shell crab was satisfyingly crunchy yet sufficiently meaty and juicy, pairing well with a refreshing cabbage slaw. If I had to be picky, I’d say the spicy mayo did not have enough of a kick to it. But that’s just me being the chilli lover I am. 

In review, though my friend and I were quite strapped for time, we thoroughly enjoyed each and every second at Mamame. The food was brilliantly executed, and the service was smooth and speedy in accommodating for our hurried meal. Simply put, our experience at Mamame was just lovely all round.

Mamame' Eatery & Bar
460 Church Street  
Richmond, VIC 3121

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22 September, 2014

Treehouse Lounge

Treehouse Lounge, you are a charmer. Perhaps it was the cozy ‘Tarzan-like’ feel that it alluded, with it’s wooden accents and tracery of delicate green vines and leaves. Or maybe it was simply just the fact that the place was so warm and welcoming, the perfect spot to hide away from the cold.


But first, coffee. A cappuccino and flat white was ordered stat to wake us up.

The Mexikent

Motivated to choose a dish I would not normally, I went for the Mexikent – a spicy salsa of black beans, avo smash, tomato, sweet corn, coriander, sour cream, smokey chorizo and poached egg a top toasted corn bread. You know you have eggs to look forward to when, with just a gentle nudge, it wobbles. Unfortunately, the corn bread was little too crumbly and dry for my liking, though the fiesta of toppings alleviated this well.


Set before Melbourne Girl was her monstrous bruchetta. A thick slice of crunchy dark rye toast with smashed sweet potato, feta, avo, red cabbage, spring onions, herbs and cherry tomatoes finished with a drizzle of sticky balsamic glaze. An incredibly generously sized dish that filled her right up.

Service was friendly, attentive and ready to please and food and coffee were served in a flash. Though the food did not knock my socks off, Melbourne Girl and I had a wonderful time at Treehouse Lounge. Now to go watch some Disney movies. 

Treehouse Lounge
263 - 265 Carlisle Street
Balaclava, VIC 3183

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16 September, 2014

A La Folie Patisserie

Are you a lover of decadent delights ? Well then, A La Folie is here to please. Located on Chapel Street, this little patisserie offers an extensive range of macarons, petits choux and other delicate French pastries. And who is the genius responsible for these pastry jewels you ask ? Paris-trained patissier, Mercede Coubard.

Pineapple, Coconut and Lime Petits Choux / Salted Caramel Macaron
Coconut Chocolate Petits Choux / Rose Delight Macaron

After careful deliberation filled with plenty of ooing and ahhing, we finally settled on a few standouts to share as we sipped our teas. The macarons were lovely - crispy egg-shell like meringue biscuits together with a soft, smooth cream centre. Our favourite macaron was the blush-pink coloured Rose Delight, an exotic Middle Eastern inspired macaron of rose water, raspberry and pistachios. But it was the petits choux that really impressed me ! Little bites of choux pastry perfectly balanced with a filling of silky smooth crème. We adored the daily special, a tropical paradise of fragrant flavours of pineapple, coconut and lime - truly an absolute bliss !

A La Folie Patisserie serves up exceptional French pastry creations with a modern twist. Perfect for quick catch up or as a thoughtful gift, these goodie guarantee smiles. 

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of A La Folie Patisserie

A La Folie Patisserie
589 Chapel Street
South Yarra, VIC 3141

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11 September, 2014

Barilla Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta Salad

Spring has sprung ! A big yay to sunny days, fresh flowers, and summer salads ! And what better way to celebrate then with a fresh, colourful and vibrant salad. 

Rushed for time, yet still eager for a homemade meal, I managed to whip up the below in less than 15 minutes. Very impressive, if I say so myself.

  • Recipe: 

          ▢ 500g Barilla Casarecce Siciliane

          ▢ 1 jar Barilla Sundried Tomato (Pomodori Secchi) Pesto

          ▢ 1 punnet of ripe truss tomatoes, quartered

          ▢ 1 medium yellow capsicum, thinly sliced

          ▢ 300g mushroom cups, thinly sliced

          ▢ 150g green beans, chopped in thirds

          ▢ 1 red onion, thinly sliced

          ▢ 2 garlic cloves, crushed

          ▢ 1/3 cup of Extra Virgin Olive oil

          ▢ Salt, for pasta water

          ▢ Salt and pepper, to taste

Step 1:
In a large saucepan, bring plenty of water to boil. When the water is boiling, add the Barilla Casarecce Siciliane and cook according to the instructions on the pack.

Step 2:
Meanwhile, in a large stainless steel bowl, add the tomatoes, capsicum,  mushrooms,  green beans, red onion and garlic. Add olive oil and let it sit.

Step 3:
Drain the pasta.

Step 4:
Add the vegetables and stir through the Barilla Sundried Tomato (Pomodori Secchi) Pesto.

Step 5:
Serve with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive oil. Enjoy !

confessions of a little piggy received these products courtesy of Barilla Australia

06 September, 2014

Tyrrells English Crisps

A big welcome to one of England’s most-loved up-market chips - Tyrrells English Crisps ! And boy was this little piggy lucky to receive a few bags to munch and crunch on.

First thing first, I prepped these crisps up for a quick photoshoot. Now, I'm not going to lie, I had hoped to share these with the rest of my family. But before I knew it, I had somehow demolished three of the four bags. It's the thought that counts though... right ?

Flavours to tickle your fancy include Lightly Sea Salted, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Mature Cheddar & Chives, Sweet Chili & Red Pepper, Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper and Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato. 

But for me? My favourite goes to the Sunday Best Roast Chicken, flavours reminiscing a toasty Sunday lunch which had me begging for seconds. Combined with crunch levels out of this world, these chips are indeed, a winner winner, chicken (lunch) dinner.

confessions of a little piggy received these products courtesy of 360 Immerse Agency and Tyrrells English Crisps.