Shyun Ramen Bar

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Carnegie has always been one of my favourite places to dine at, and boy has Carnegie changed over the years. What started off as a quiet suburb with just a handful of family restaurants has now exploded into one of the hottest foodie destinations in Melbourne. You've got your old time favourites Kuala Lumpur, Paradai Thai and Kimchi Grandma, the newer kids to the block like Shyun, Mrs Kims Grill and Spilt Milk and with the likes of Pho66 and Petaling Street opening shop in the next few months. 

It was just two weeks ago that Carnegie said "Irrashaimase" to Shyun Ramen Bar, the newest addition to Melbourne's ramen scene. And it hasn't taken long for locals and Shyun devotees to find their way to Shyun Ramen Bar, just down the road from sister restaurant Shyun - myself included. Cold weather demands comfort food. 

Upon walking, you'll realise just how small the ramen bar is - seating up to 24 remen-goers or perhaps 30 if you really want to push it. It's a casual and simple space - open kitchen, wooden tables, black metal stools and a self-service ordering system. 


Titled Chef's Pick, the Tori-gara had to be ordered. The broth was golden, thick and robust in chicken flavour. Just a sip of this broth told stories of the countless hours it simmered over the stove. The rich broth enveloped perfect bouncy and chewy noodles, two slices of fatty chashu, an overcooked egg and your usual trimmings. 


The tonkotsu broth, also boiled over hours, was a wonderfully rich and creamy consistency. In comparison to the Tori-gara, though the broth had a lot of depth to it, we found the complexity of the flavours did not quite hit the same notes. 


Of course, we also ordered a serving of their Takoyaki. Complete with dancing bonito flakes, these were extremely satisfying with its crisp exterior and lovely creamy texture inside. Check out that octopus tentacle ! Clearly a winning dish, I'd have to say these are one of the best ones I've had in Melbourne.

Overall, our speedy meal at Shyun Ramen Bar was a great winter warmer. Portions here may be small for some, but the quality is there. I must add though, my main gripe is how small the space is - with hungry queuers hawk eyeing you as you eat, and the countless times I was bumped or asked to get up mid-eating so that people could get out/get in, it isn't the most comfortable place to be.

If you're in the area, do go and try if you're feeling like a quick meal, but do not expect to stay for more than 30 minutes.

Shyun Ramen Bar
73 Koornang Road 
Carnegie VIC 3163

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