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Hello, this is Operator25, how may I take your order ? 

Now that spring has sprung, the warmer months of the year brings happy days exploring the lovely city of Melbourne and even more reason for brunching sessions. So I was pleased to be able to tick off Operator25 off my never-ending wishlist when A and I were invited to have a meal with them.

Devised by head chefs Valerie and Felipe, the menu is not shy to diversify from the everyday staples. The traditional options of Eggs Benedict and Big Breakfasts are present, but look a little further and you will find that they are not so ordinary - but brimming creativity and uniqueness. With so many drool worthy dishes on offer I happily welcomed Valerie to call the shots.

Skinny Flat White 

Let's start with the caffeine first though, food later. You know the drill. Operator25 uses Code Black coffee beans to please the masses. Switching it up every season, spring served up a seasonal blend of 50% Kenya Wakulima and 50% Guatemala El Pilar. My Skinny Flat White was sweet, smooth, silky and thoroughly enjoyed.

White Chocolate Mocha

A, not the biggest fan on coffee went half way. Luckily for her, a White Chocolate Mocha was on the specials board and was exactly what she was looking for. Creamy, rich and full of white chocolatey goodness.

Cold Smoked Tasmanian Salmon

The first dish that was brought out was bright, clean, and delicious. Such vibrant presentation ! The cold smoked Tasmanian salmon, beautiful and fresh, with a lovely texture was accented with a citrusy lemon crème fraiche. Other details of the dish included crouton reminiscent rye toast, tangy piccalilli, peppery watercress and addictive crispy lilliput capers. Though this dish was on the smaller side, it was definitely made up with big flavours.

House Suckling Pig Burger

Making its way to our table, the House Suckling Pig Burger stirred a Mexican wave. I can obviously see how this burger has been donned the "people's choice" since the opening of Operator25. A rich buttery brioche bun supported mouth-watering Balinese marinated pork, savoy cabbage, chilli mayo and coriander. The pork was fall-apart tender in a delicious marinade bursting with exotic lemongrass and other various spices. The savoy cabbage and coriander paired nicely which added freshness and rounded off the burger. Chuck in super crunchy sweet potato fries and pork crackling, and oh man was this dish magical.

Food and drinks were enjoyable and well executed. The company was lovely. The service was friendly and hospitable. What more could you possible ask for ? Connect me with Operator25 any day.

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of Operator25.

25 Wills Street 
Melbourne, VIC

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