Koba K-BBQ

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, November 16, 2013 with 2 comments
Drumroll, please. Korea in Mexico in Melbourne. That is, the beautiful marriage between Korean BBQ and the Mexican Tortilla and has landed in Melbourne. Hello Koba BBQ!

Brother and sister, Will and Rosa have brought the next big thing (I called it) to Melbourne. With Will on the grill and Rosa up front, the two work in harmony in serving mouth-watering fusion offerings of Mexican and Korean flavours six days a week. 

Ordering is simple here. 1. Pick your Koba (taco, burrito or rice bowl), 2. Pick your Filling (beef, chicken, spicy pork or tofu + rice), and 3. Complete your Koba (salad + sauce). Okay, let's get started already.

Koba K-BBQ Burrito 

The burrito was jammed with kimchi fried rice, spicy pork, chunks of fresh kimchi, cucumber kimchi, seasoned soybean/mung bean sprouts and smokey BBQ mayo. The 24 hour marinated spicy pork was full of flavour and had a slight chew to it that I really liked. The creaminess of the smokey BBQ mayo sauce that smothered the pork meshed well with the kimchi fried rice, and various banchans wrapped together. Loved the fusion. I could have easily eaten a whole one to myself, but had decided to share one with A so I could sample the tacos too.

Koba K-BBQ Tacos

After coming hot and smokey off the grill, the tacos are topped with whatever toppings you please. For me, beef bulgogi, kimchi slaw, tomato salsa, mushrooms, cheese and gochujang please. The ingredients were fresh and the Korean - Mexican flavour hit was as delicious as anticipated, thanks in part to the lusciously subtle heat provided by the traditional gochujang paste. 

The balance between Asian and Mexican influences were spot on and are sure to satiate the hungry mouths of Melbournians. Korexican at Koba BBQ - get on it.

Koba K-BBQ
119 Hardware Street 
Melbourne, VIC

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