Twenty & Six Espresso

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From the outside, Twenty & Six Espresso isn't the most exciting thing ever. But of course I had been eyeing off this place for god knows how long, so I knew exactly what was behind those doors. And you know what, I'm just going to casually throw in a little life lesson - you shouldn't judge a book by its cover anyway.

Iced Coffee and Mörk Iced Chocolate

At first glance, we found the menu here at Twenty & Six Espresso rather small - but a proper read through later, there is really something for everyone. From the Brioche french toast, Roasted chicken picnic sandwich to the Lemon house cured salmon tartare, the small yet exciting menu caters for all. The small menu also allows them to change it up seasonally.

Seared Tuna

JJ and I, like always, were on the same wave length and we both chose to have the Seared Tuna. Flash seared to perfection, the tuna had a deliciously meaty flavour - a rich, buttery texture that was packed with protein. In contrast, there were a handful of punchy flavours, from the sweetness of the asparagus spears, herbed infused roasted tomatoes to the salty white anchovies nestled within. The kiplfer potatoes with salsa versde went well here, adding another dimension of texture. To top it all off, we were also  graced with the most perfect wobbly oozy slow cooked egg. 

Fried Polenta

The other two were instantly drawn to the fried polenta - with braised mushrooms, crunchy asparagus spears, slow poached egg with ricotta and salsa verde. No complaints here as both dishes were wiped clean.

With such great vibrant food and fresh flavours, the girls and I were certainly impressed with the creative take on brunch Twenty & Six Espresso had going. The only gripe we had was that we were seated outside where it was far too hot. But hey, that's not Twenty & Six's fault - I'm blaming Melbourne for that.

Twenty & Six Espresso
594 Queensberry Street 
North Melbourne, VIC

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