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There are a few ways one can keep warm on cold Melbourne nights. Snuggling up with warm blankets, cranking up the heater, or piling on layers and layers of clothing are just a few of the options available. But, what better way to warm your body and get the taste buds going than a spicy Korean army stew at Darac Grill & Bar.

Cheese Kimchi Sausage Stew

Looking around, every table had an army stew going. Come to Darac and not order one ? Don't be crazy, Darac is particularly famous for their stews. 

Our pot bubbled and boiled, and minutes later, our stew had turned a bright fire-engine red - it was ready. It was jam packed with sausages, spams of all sorts, kimchi, cheese, macaroni, japchae, ddeokbokki, zucchini  cabbage, tofu and onions. The combination of cheese and kimchi was genius, resulting in a creamy, yet spicy and tangy concoction which we generously ladled over our rice.

Spicy Pork Bugolgi

We also ordered the Spicy Pork Bugolgi, D-man's go-to Korean dish. This pork belly dish was full of flavour, though we found the marinade was slightly sweeter than what we would have preferred.

Cheese Fire Chicken

Spicy Korean stir-friend chicken covered in a thick layer of mozzarella cheese which oozed into every nook and cranny. You can imagine how fast we demolished this dish.

Beef Bibimbap

For carbs, we had the Beef Bibimbap which I though was just your average bibimbap. Served in a hot stone pot, the rice was accompanied by beef, an assortment of vegetables and eggs which we drizzled in chilli sauce.

Seafood Spring Onion Pancake

Fluffy triangles of pancake stuffed with seafood, vegetables and spring onion. Great flavour, though would have appreciated it more if it was crispier.

With its cozy vibes and comforting food Darac Grill & Bar was just one of those places that leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. With the cooler weather in full swing now, I know I'll be back.

Darac Grill & Bar
51 A'Beckett Street 
Melbourne, VIC

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