Lu's BBQ

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I miss Shanghai. I miss the people, the tall buildings, the freedom, the crazy antics and the convenience of just about everything. But most of all, I miss the food - specifically the lamb skewers (羊肉串) just a minute away from where I stayed. And so when I set foot into Lu’s BBQ handily located on Koornang Road, I could hardly contain myself. 

Lamb Skewers (羊肉串)

You must order the lamb skewers here. Cooked on long metal skewers, each skewer of lamb is pierced with juicy pieces of lamb, with just enough fat to melt-in-your-mouth and intensify the flavour and texture. Dusted in fragrant cumin and it's sister spices, these are dangerously addictive. With over 20 lamb skewers, yeah - you could say I am quite fond of them.

Cucumber Salad & Seaweed Salad

To accompany our lamb skewers, we also ordered a serving of cucumber salad and a seaweed salad. We interspersed between these two crunchy yet soothing salads between bites of mind-blowinging tasty lamb.

Lu's BBQ - you are absolutely amazing. That is all.

Lu's BBQ
49 Koornang Road
Carnegie, VIC

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