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If you're a fan of sourdough at all, I am confident you have come across Rustica Sourdough's artisan breads. Baked using traditional sourdough techniques and using only Australian produce and ingredients, it's not hard to see why Rustica Sourdough's breads are a popular choice among cafes all across Melbourne. 

But little did I know that they had a café of their own. Oh, the shame. You can imagine how eager was to be invited to taste their award-winning, mouth-watering menu. Eek !

Skinny Flat White

Sautéed Greens

I was instantly drawn to Rustica's dish of Sautéed Greens - a sweet medley of broccolini, beans, snow peas and grilled haloumi (squeak squeak) on a bed of luscious smashed avo and pesto. Of course, all layered on a crusty slice of their famous sourdough. Topped with an oozy poached egg, this wholesome and nutritious dish was flawless.

House Cured Salmon

Equally as keen, my brunch buddy went for the House Cured Salmon on rye accompanied with a rich and tangy lemon & chive crème fraîche and microherb salad. A poached egg was requested because, well really, who doesn't love a good poached egg. Extra protein, extra smiles !

Lime & Basil Cronut

After finishing our dishes, our eyes could not help but wonder to the pastry cabinet. The most delectable looking danishes, tarts, cookies, croissants, donuts… you would only understand if you were there. After much drooling and contemplating we settled for the Lime & Basil Cronut - layers and layers of buttery pastry injected with a fragrant lime and basil filling. Personally I found the cronut a little too crispy for my liking, with just a bite causing the whole pastry to fall apart. Regardless, still a scrummy treat !

With no hesitation would I recommend Rustica Sourdough - food is fresh and full of flavour coupled with friendly and attentive service. I mean come on, what is not to like?

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of ID Collective and Rustica Sourdough

Rustica Sourdough
402 Brunswick Street  

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