Frank Green - Innovative SmartCup

Posted by Unknown on Monday, July 20, 2015 with 1 comment
Our beloved social currency … aka coffee, has taken on a whole new way of life with Australian brand, Frank Green launching their SmartCup - an innovative, reusable and sustainable coffee cup that literally picks up the bill at the end of your cafe visit. 

Embedded with a microchip, each SmartCup provides the user with the ability to go cash free; tapping the lid of the cup to a sensor to process their payment instantly and securely at their local café.

Boasting vibrant on-trend colours and smooth lines, this product will complement every look. I absolutely love the matte colours !

The SmartCup can: 

  • Pay for your coffee with just the swipe of your lid 
  • Allow you to pre-order your coffee and ‘gift’ coffees to friends (yes please) 
  • Earn loyalty rewards and points with every cafe purchase - it is 100% spill resistant ! 

The Frank Green SmartCup - revolutionising your daily grind with innovative payment technology embedded in your cup.

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