Loco Coffee

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Not wanting to travel too many kilometres for our brunch date, we decided on Loco Coffee in Elsternwick. It had been under my radar and was within my radar. You know Manchester Press ? Loco's the older sibling to the famous Manchester Press, so this got me really excited and set the bar high.

Skinny Flat White

I was pretty pumped to see some tricky, crazy, out-there coffee art. However, all I got was the standard rosetta. I'll admit, I was pretty bummed. But the taste definitely made up for it. Like Manchester Press, Loco Coffee too uses their custom blend, 8 Oz Coffee. Super smooth, creamy, full bodied with caramel highlights. I was very tempted to order another.

Mushroom and Hummus

Changing things up a little, I chose not to go for an avocado smash. Instead, I ordered the mushroom and hummus. Piled high with goodies, came two thick slices of sourdough, generously spread with creamy hummus, surrounded by mushrooms and two avocado wedges. Two nicely poached eggs sat on top of the throne and was sprinkled with dukkah, giving the dish a very Middle Eastern feel.   Breaking the egg was picture perfect as the yolk just melted away. It went well with the hummus, which was a lovely blend of chickpeas, lemon juice, salt and garlic. I did find the balsamic mushrooms a little too strong in the vinegar department though, I would have much preferred some thyme buttered mushrooms. 


My friend ordered  the other dish I was eyeing off, the Combit. This had made my decision much easier and was a win win situation for me, as I got to try both the items. The Combit consisted of poached eggs served on sourdough, topped with avocado, pan fried cherry tomatoes, olives and pesto. The nibble I had of this was delightful. From the pop of the cherry tomatoes to the pesto blend. 

Loco had a very happy atmsphere to it, and staff were great. In particular, our waiter was very friendly and attentitive. I must add, my friend also found him to be very good looking. When it came to paying, they made no fuss about splitting the bill which makes things so much easier. In-fact they offered to. As I was paying, I did see a waiter walk past with a coffee with the most adorable bear etched in. And yes, of course I was jealous.One might even say, I was loco about it. I guess that just means I'll have to come back later ! 

Loco Coffee
436 Glen Huntly Road 

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