The Merrywell

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Having serious cravings for cow, there was no questioning it. Merrywell Upstairs was the place to be. What reminded me of a much fancier version of the good old American TGIF, Merrywell Upstairs diner was slightly dim, swanky feeling which gave it a sleek and trendy vibe.

First thing was first. With forewarning that the-reason-why-we-were-here Caveman 1200g Aged Rib-Eye for 35 Day Steak would incur a 40 minute wait, we eagerly ordered this together with our drinks. 

Merrywell Chips

Served piping hot in a cute little deep fryer basket were incredibly crispy ripped potatoes. These potatoes worked wonderfully with the smokey, creamy and oh so sinful bacon aioli. These were all gone in a flash.

 Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers

Of course we had to have some sort of a burger at Merrywell, and since we were upstairs, we were quite limited in choice. But that wasn't an issue as the Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers were exactly what we were after. In triplets came out three divine looking little things. Between two plump buns was all things good - white cheddar which melted beautifully over a juicy wagyu beef patty, topped with sweet caramelised onions and tangy pickles.

Spicy Fish Tacos

Spicy Fish Tacos followed the Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers, and boy was I glad to see some fresh greens. Spicy Fish Tacos here at Merrywell incorporated grilled fish, salsa, creamy avocado, spicy jalapeños and a drizzle of sour cream. An average taco I would say- not bad, not great.

Backyard BBQ Ribs

Ribs are always fun to share and this one was no different. And so, these smokey BBQ Ribs doused in Merrywell's special BBQ Sauce went down like a treat. The meat was tender and melty and went great with it's sides. I found the watermelon to be an odd side dish, but was relieved by the sweetness and juiciness that went surprisingly well with the richness and smokiness of the whole dish. Creamy coleslaw and Mexican corn on a cob were equally winners.

Mama's Meatball Parma

Straight out of the oven came Mama's Meatball Parma served with warm toasted bread. Presented maginificenly were these wagyu ricotta meatballs that topped seashell shaped pasta all submerged in a rich napoli sauce.


Caveman 1200g Aged Rib-Eye 35 Day, Wet-Aged (for 2)

Last but certainly not least, was the dish we had all been waiting for. Our Aged Rib-Eye was presented to us first for viewing (for photo taking), before the waitress bought it back to the kitchen to be carved up. The Rib-Eye was rich and with every bite dissipated smoothly in my mouth. The tenderness of the flesh had just the right amount of chew and bought out the carnivorous caveman hidden within me. Not only did it taste amazing, it smelt fantastic too. The onion rings were nice and light, reminiscent of the Japanese's tempura-batter style, which really allowed the natural sweetness of the onion to shine through. 

By the end of the night, we were all full to the brim and there were smiles all round. Double Rainbow happiness. This is definielty the place to come if you're after some good cow. Merrywell was more than verywell, it was extremely-well.

The Merrywell
Cnr Clarendon St & Crown Riverside 

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