Tuck Shop Takeaway

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Tuck Shop Takeaway has been on my radar for a while now. And with the little bro, D-man finished up at tutoring, that's exactly where I decided to take him.

Back when I was in high school, I adored the canteen. No doubt you would find me there everyday. Please don't ask me how I managed to scoff down three potato cakes with chicken salt on a daily basis. Located in Caulfiled North, Tuck Shop has taken the canteen experience to the next level. Here you will find twists on old favourites from a range of fancy filling jaffles, classic burgers to sugar-coma inducing milkshakes. 

Pulled Pork Jaffle

This was no boring ham and cheese jaffle. Tuck Shop had the genius idea of combining juicy pulled pork, sweet apple and fennel chutney and smokey almond mayo together to create two golden halves of sinful goodness. The bread was buttered up and toasted till it was nice and crisp. A bite in and my nostrils were filled with the rich aromas of butter and tastebuds were singing happy days.

 Major Burger

D-man was starving and ordered the biggest burger on the menu - the Major Burger. Though jam packed with  a 100% beef patty, egg, bacon,  lettuce, tomato, Kraft single cheese, onion, pickles, Tuck Shop sauce into a towering burger - he found the burger as a whole did not pack enough punch. It was good, but nothing amazing.

Hand Cut Chips

A generous basket of hand cut chips were ordered as a side to share. Now, D-man doesn't like chips, he loves them. Unfortunately, he only thought these were okay. A little oilier and soggier than what he would prefer. 

Though little in size, Tuck Shop was extremely busy, with locals popping in and out for both quick bites and slurps or for on-the-gos. Under the pump, staff were fast, friendly and efficient. Completed with the Prinicpal's office in the naughty corner, pencil tumbler cups, and hand written menus, Tuck Shop was nostalgia everywhere I looked. For those jaffles alone, I would hop, skip and jump to Tuck Shop Takeaway any day of the week.

Tuck Shop Takeaway
273 Hawthorn Road 
Caulfield North

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