D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

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My friend and I were only in for a quick bite, but from the moment we set foot into D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar, we instantly felt the electrifying energy - from the vibrant buzz of the open-kitchen, the exuberant Italian culture to the smell of fresh pizza wafting through the air. We could not wait for dig in.

Pizza Speck

The pizza was soft, foldable and satisfyingly chewy, whilst the flavours of paper thin smoked prosciutto, woody wild mushrooms, fontina cheese and thyme were all individually spot on. However, when combined, we found it far too salty - just one slice had me downing glasses of water. 

So overall, what did I think of D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar ? The pizza was good - I can say that. They keep it simple here - offering a great range of wholesome pizzas topped with quality imported ingredients. Service was effiicient - loud and outrageous in the genuine style that is Italian hospitality. If only I hadn't left so extremely parched from all that accumulated sodium.

D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar
295 Drummond Street
Carlton, VIC

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