Big Boy BBQ

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Rain rain go away, come again some other day. Well that didn't work. What to do now ? Go to Big Boy BBQ for greasy, fatty, meat meat and more meat on this freezing winter night of course.

There is none of that dainty serviette/napkin nonsense here,  they offer manly paper towels here instead and buckets for bones - it's all about being a Big Boy. And if you weren't one already, no doubt you become by the time you finished up here.
Given so many choices of sauces, of course I had to sample them all ! You've got your regular tabasco, ketchup and four types of BBQ sauce - vinegar BBQ sauce, spicy BBQ sauce, Braai-BQ style sauce  and Kansas style BBQ sauce.

Big Boy Platter

It was without question which platter we were to order - The Big Boy Platter. It is actually captioned in the menu that this platter feeds 1-6 people. What kind of a range is that ?! Oh, Americans. Borderline, EpicMealTime style came out saucy beef brisket, pulled pork scotch fillet, pulled lamb shoulder, beef pastrami, ½ rack of Kansas Style dry rubbed pork ribs, ½ rack of saucy glazed lamb ribs, regular wings and pickles. Let's don't forget the pickles, we all know how important vegetables are. For our jumbo sides, we went for amazngly crunchy lightly spiced chips, onion strings and potato salad. Coupled with bottomless soft drinks, there was American feels all night.

No matter how hard the 5 of us tried tackling this ginormous dome of meat, we still had left overs. In the end, I guess we really went for the novelty - the American BBQ dining experience. For me, all the meats tasted pretty much the same, all doused in BBQ sauce. I found myself picking at the sides more than the mains, which really says something. Nonetheless, Big Boy BBQ was fun but not somewhere I will be returning any time soon.

Big Boy BBQ
764 Glenhuntly Road 

Caulfield South

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