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"Comeeeeee to PappaRich" - so does anyone else have the PappaRich radio jingle stuck in their head ?  Now, I'm not too sure if the aim was to use this 'annoying' jingle as a marketing technique, but that's exactly the effect it had on me. This catchy, annoying jingle was all I could think about on my way there, as I ate, when I left, and now as I write this blogpost. Kudos to you PappaRich.

Dry Curry Egg Noodle with Steamed Chicken

I always order the same thing from PappaRich. There is just something that always pulls me in to their simply fresh springy egg noodles tossed in a mixed dark soy sauce, garnished with spring onions, fried shallots and fresh chillies. I thought the steamed Hainan chicken was satisfactory, but would have loved it was a bit more juicy and smooth.

Iced Teh & Jelly

You know what's fun to drink ? Slurping up icy cool Teh Tahrik with grass jelly. With a layer of pulled froth sitting on top, the strength and sweetness of the Teh was just about right. 

For me, PappaRich is somewhere I would go only to when I'm looking for a quick meal at Chadstone Shopping Centre. PappaRich is nothing special - it's simple, no fuss kind and you get what you order.

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