Red Robyn

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, August 29, 2013 with 2 comments
T had just landed back in Melbourne after her trip to the US. And without even asking, I knew she would have wanted something on the healthier side. Red Robyn is known to be an extremely allergy friendly café - if your allergies have not already been addressed on the menu yet, they are always happy to cater to your needs. And in my mind, 100% Gluten Free somehow translated to 100% healthy. So where did we go ? Red Robyn of course.

Sweet Potato Rostis

A nest of sweet potato rosti with house cured salmon, iron rich spinach, squeaky haloumi drizzled with orange blossom oil. A little different to what I would normally order, and so a little different to what my tastebuds were longing. Generous and extremely filling, it still did the job. 

Red Robyn Breakfast

Having imagined the a vegan friendly Big Breakfast, this dish caught us by surprise and was not what we were expecting at all. Presented was baked field mushroom, quinoa & corn tabouleh, grilled lemon poached in a tomato rich shakshuka sauce. And a mini Jenga tower of polenta chips for crunching and dipping purposes.

With no allergies myself, Red Robyn was just another café for me. However, with the sneaky eavesdropping and observing I was doing as I waited for my friend,  I can see how their allergy and customer friendly services make this an absolute standout café for those with dietary requirements.

Red Robyn
393 Camberwell Rd 

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