Seven Seeds

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I always look forward to catch ups with T. A moment is never dull - she exudes passion and energy in everything she does. Her strength and get-up-and-go attitude constantly inspires and motivates me to keep challenging and bettering myself. Not only does she teach me about things about myself, but as a foodie herself - we always have so much fun going crazy over food. 

And today, even with pulled pork sundaes temptations on mind, we were dead set on Seven Seeds. And so it was unanimous that Seven Seeds was our brunching destination.

Slow-cooked Pork Belly with Smokey Braised Lentils & Black Cabbage

The hefty portion of slow-cooked pork belly was sweet and ever so succulent. And who could forget the salty crunchy crackling that melted away instantly as I sunk my teeth in. The earthy and smokey edge of the braised lentils and black cabbage paired well with the pork, cutting through the richness perfectly. For brunch, I did find this meal a little too heavy a little too sickly, but pork belly. Enough said.

On a Sunday afternoon, the wait wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. For only 10 minutes did we stand around absorbing the buzzing atmosphere of the cafe hosting a cheerful crowd. Ordering was no fuss, and high quality food and drinks came out promptly - there was only one flaw I came across.  If only Seven Seeds was closer to home.

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley Street 

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