Proud Mary

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Please don’t question why it took me forever to visit Proud Mary. Shame on me, I know. I’m not proud of it.

With so many new brunch spots constantly popping up in Melbourne, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with the new and upcoming and overlook the brunch pioneers. But I’m here to make my amends. So to visit a golden oldie, it only made sense to check it out with some (golden) old uni friends.

Skinny Flat White

Ox Tongue

Mmm, ox tongue - so meltingly tender and flavours so wonderfully deep and rich, matching beautifully with peppers full of natural sweetness, crunchy smoked almonds, and crispy onions. Let’s not forget the perfectly poached egg that oozed liquid gold onto the crisp slice of hot sourdough toast. A playful dish filled with magical flavours and textures.

Proud's Granola 

My friend went for Proud’s Granola, a dish which seemed to be the exact opposite of mine. An energy-boosting house-made granola brought to the next level with lemon balm, coconut sorbet and almond milk.


My other neighbour’s brunch choice was simply faultless. A mountain of creamy avocado on farmhouse toast, charred corn, green onion tabouleh, ricotta and roast baby tomatoes on a bed of harissa. A serious case of food envy from my end of the table.

Proud Mary was buzzing and deservedly so considering the inventiveness of their menu, generous serving sizes and hearty brunch fare. Delivered with pride - food, coffee and service were all spot on.

Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066 

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