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Surrounded by mother nature, the soothing pitter and patter of the rain and soft flowing tones, T and I participated in a morning of gentle yoga and breakfast. If only I could start every morning at Olinda Tea House. 


Whenever I do yoga, I always finish feeling relaxed, yet energised at the same time. For all the yoga lovers out there, you know exactly that I’m talking about— that sense of inner peace and happiness. Buzzing off my yoga high, I decided to skip my usual coffee and chose a pot of Genmaicha instead.

Home Cooked Hand-Cut Honey Roasted Ham

Aside from the lashings of honey roasted ham that literally took up half of my plate, my dish also consisted of two thick slices of sourdough, confit tomatoes, a kick ass kransky and a pair of poached eggs. At the puncture of the kranksy's crunchy skin, the warm cheese sexily oozed out. I was expecting quite a heavy meal, but this dish still caught me off guard with how massive it was.

Baked Eggs

T decided to go for the comforting dish of Baked Eggs. Served in a terracotta pot, her baked eggs snuggled among creamy mushroom ragout, tasty chorizo pieces and finished with a load of Persian feta. A hearty slice of sourdough worked perfectly in replacement of cutlery, to mop and clean up every drop of sauce.

Perched high above the forever busy Melbourne, Olinda Tea House has a great thing going - food for the body, mind and soul.

Olinda Tea House
86a Olinda-Monbulk Road 

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