Pillar of Salt

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Pillar of Salt is probably one of my most visited cafes. That says a lot, doesn't it ? Majority of the time, my lunch breaks are rushed and I opt for one of their freshly made baguettes. Though given the opportunity, whenever the girls at work and I do have the extra minutes to spare, Pillar of Salt is still the first one to come to mind. 

Skinny Flat White 

Coffee beans are from Five Senses, which made a sweet and full bodied Skinny Flat White. A reliable pick me up for those long days at work - when coffee makes everything better.

Fish Burger

My work colleagues and I are hooked to the Fish Burger -  warm toasted brioche with sweet rockling fish fillets and a vibrant slaw accompanied by a creamy aioli, with a faint spiciness to it. They’ve done a commendable job in piling everything on. A squeeze of mouth-puckering lime perfected the burger. A fresh and tasty burger excellent for  summer-time.

At Pillar of Salt, the portions are generous and staff are fast, efficient and understanding - all very important when every minute counts. Overall, at Pillar of Salt you're guaranteed a full belly and a smile on your face when you step out the door.

Pillar of Salt
541 Church Street 
Richmond, VIC

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