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B'Stilla, pronounced bas-tee-ya is that cool new restaurant to South Yarra. 

Now, B'Stilla being the one to pop my Moroccan cherry, I did need some guidance. It was perfect that we had a lovely waitress who explained the dishes throughout the night. As we were ordering, she came over to explain to us that Moroccan food was a harmony of sweetness, savoury and spices. Having picked a few dishes already, we asked for her recommendations to fill out a few empty spots. Dishes at B'Stilla are made to share, which only meant more to taste !

Not much longer, complimentary hot Moroccan mint tea, fresh figs and harissa were brought over for us to nibble on.  Harrisa as explained by the glossary at the back of the menu is a popular condiment in Morocco, flavoured with spices and chillies. It’s Morocco’s version of ketchup. The spicy sauce was so good, I wanted to smother everything in it.

 Pigeon, duck, almond, cinnamon, saffron & egg

It would have been a crime not order their signature dish the restaurant was named after. Encased in a delicately thin pastry was an interesting combination of sweet, salty and nuttiness. The tenderness of the birds along with the buttery crunch was beautiful. 

 Spinach, eggplant, almond & fresh cheese rgahaif 

This was hands down, everyone's favourite dish of the night. A cool Moroccan street food snack, this crepe life pastry held together the wonderful flavours of spinach, eggplant, almond and fresh cheese. I could've just eaten the pastry itself- warm, soft and rich in butter.

Fig, goat’s cheese, chickpea & root vegetables tagine

As the waitress came over with our dish in the special Moroccan tagine, I knew I was in for a treat. This comfort dish was filled to the brim generously. Like a treasure chest, the deeper I dug, the more treasures I found.  
The addition figs in this earthenware dish was a light, sweet touch to the earthy, warm spices of the tagine. Alongside this, was the goat cheese which I felt really brought the whole dish together.

Beef short rib with carrot jam & preserved lemon 

For only $25, I was very impressed by this dish.  Cooked to perfection, the bones slid out with ease and had the perfect fat to meat ratio.  This was by far the most succulent beef short rib I have had,  the tender meat literally dissolved in my mouth. So good. So juicy. I could also taste the patience. This flavour packed meat would have been slowly simmered to absorb the richness of the braising liquid. Accompanied by a carrot jam and preserved lemon, this was the other favourite of the night.

Cous cous with apricot, smoked chili, coriander & preserved citrus

For the smaller portion, the cous cous dish was enormous. Together with the tagine, this cous cous was a great combination. However, by itself, I found it a little too citrus-y.

Cucumber, saffron, dill, piquillo, nigella & yoghurt

This pickled cucumber salad played a nice role in adding the 4th 's' to the table. Sweet, savoury, spicy and sourness. Very refreshing.

At such a modern, relaxed chic space, impeccable food and at such affordable prices, B'Stilla is definitely worth a visit, it was absolutely moROCKIN'.

30b Bray St 
South YarraVIC 3141

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