Let's Bab

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Let's Bab ! 
Translated directly, meaning 'Let's Rice' ! Cute.

In need of a quick & hot lunch, my brothers and I popped into Let's Bab.
Fast, delicious, generously sized meals at very affordable prices ! This is what I call value for money.

Soon doo boo jjigae

Hot boiling soon doo boo jiggae ! Was still boiling away as it arrived to our table, and I actually had to wait a few seconds so I could snap a photo. You can see here that in that time, my brother attacked the fried tofu. I do have to say, that tofu was hella delicious. Golden cubes of deep-fried tofu drizzled with BBQ sauce and kewpie mayo. 

Seafood Ramen

Instant ramen in a spicy seafood broth. Seafood included shrimps, baby mussels and pipis. Was pretty much a standard korean ramen dish.

Spicy pork BBQ 

A very generous serving indeed- all for $10 ! Loved that the pork was on the leaner side. Was very flavoursome, and luckily for my brother, was not too spicy.

Octopus and cabbage balls

Takoyaki being my litlle brother's most favourite dish ever, we had to order these. Despite having so much food, was very tempted to order another serving. Aside from these amazeballs being a little on the smaller side, they were everything we could have asked for. A smooth and creamy takoyaki encasing a juicy piece of octopus.


Croquettes. I have the worse tendency to pronounce this as 'croquet', like the wooden ball and mallet game in Alice in Wonderland. I mean I know the difference and I know its pronounced croquette, but it gets me every tume. Super embarrassing. These beautifully breadcrumbed babies held the creamiest potato mash inside and were complimented with two sauces. 

Out of all the Korean cafes along Warrigul Road, Let's Bab has always been and will always remain a favourite whenever I just want an easy meal.

Let's Bab
623 Warrigal Road 

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