Ajisen Ramen

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Nah, I’m too lazy to travel to North side.  What ? But we just came from the City, can we please not go to the City again?   It was just one of those days. All I wanted was something simple, effortless and homely. Something like Ajisen Ramen.

Not only does Ajisen Ramen mean big steaming bowls of satisfaction, it also reminds me of the exciting times I had overseas. All the crazy Shangahi adventures and exhilarating Hong Kong fun are dug up by good old Ajisen Ramen. With over 750 branches all over the world, Ajisen is one I know I can count on.


Tossing up between Takoyaki and Gyoza was  a tough decision, but the stomach helped make the final call. Luckily, the tastebuds agreed with these pan-fried parcels. Encased in a lovely crispy skin was a juicy pork and vegetable filling. Dip, or even double dip these into the gyoza sauce, and we are good to go.

Sizzling Seafood 
Like my days in Asia, I assumed that this was going to be Pepper Lunch style and come out on a scorching 260 degree hot plate where my meal would sizzle and cook before my very eyes. Instead, out came a not-so-sizzling warm-plate with a combination of calamari, mussels, fish and prawn stir-fried with bean-shoots in an overly-sweet cream sauce. 

Spicy Miso Ramen
Plump and tender ramen hid beneath an array of goodies. Sweet slices of cabbage, oozy soft boiled egg, truly spicy minced pork, and crunchy wood ear strips all balanced each other well.  The miso soup  was rich, fragrant and full of flavour. Warned with three chillies on the menu, it was no lie. Absolutely delicious and extremely satisfying.
Fast, tasty, affordably priced and a no fuss sense makes Ajisen Ramen an easy peasy Japanese-y choice.  

Ajisen Ramen
82 Kingsway 
Glen Waverley
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