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After years and years at uni involving countless tutorials, snoozing away in seminars, lectures,  assignments and dreadful exams, the day had finally come. The very end of B.Com - I was graduating ! 

Despite how excited I was, it was nothing compared to my mum. She was ecstatic, and some would even think that she was the one graduating. And to kick start the day, she organised a Yum Cha lunch for all 18 of us to dine at Gold Leaf in Springvale.

Prawn and Garlic Chives Dumpling

Three little bite sized morsels of luscious prawns peeked through a thin translucent skin. I love how much attention and detail are put into these delicate dumplings. The prawn was fresh and bouncy, whilst the garlic chive factor bought the whole dish together. Delicious !

Crispy Squid

Another dish that is very popular at Yum Cha is the Crispy Squid. Juicy squid tentacles deep fried till golden and crispy finished off with a dusting of seasoning. The squid tentacles had a nice chew to it, and wasn't too greasy. Unfortunately, we did receive these luke warm at the most. I guess this is just one of the down sides of having the traditional trolley style Yum Cha.

Fried White Bait

As the plate swooped in onto the lazy susan, the smell was absolutely enticing. The white bait was deep fried and tossed in salt and pepper. These were a hit with my toddler cousins, both continuously asking for more 'baby fish' between licking their fingers clean. And they were not the only ones, these too were a childhood favourite of mine.

 Roasted Pork Belly with Jelly Fish Salad 

Roast Duck

For roast meats, we selected the Cold Roasted Pork Belly with Jelly Fish Salad and Roast Duck. Crispy crackling paired with slippery crunchy jelly fish and pickled cabbage salad was easily Dad's favourite dish of the day. The other plate served up fatty roast duck which oozed various spices and a rich sweetness that is just so sinfully satisfying. It would have been even better if there was more sauce to go around.

Unfortunately I did not have time to stay for long with the clock ticking away- I was due to head off to uni to collect my gown. Though a short lunch, the dishes and service we received were exactly what I had anticipated. There is a bit of wait for trolleys at times but that is also expected. Gold Leaf consistently delivers tasty baskets of dim sum and fried goodies that we can always depend on for a Yum Cha session. Whilst my family continued to eat, drink and be merry at Gold Leaf, I rushed off with A for what was only the start of the day. Definitely a lovely start to my afternoon which fueled me up for a full day of smiling and posing for photos. 

Gold Leaf
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