Pana Chocolate

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 with 6 comments
Pana Chocolate has just recently landed on the energetic and happening Church Street. Only a couple of minutes away from work, it was effortless to duck out over my lunch break to pay them a visit. Lovers of chocolate would all agree that the only thing holding them back are the haunting calories that comes with the consumption of chocolate. It is no wonder there is so much buzz over chocolate that is raw, organic and handmade with Pana love.

With some friendly advice from the shop assistant, I chose the Sour Cherry & Vanilla, Coconut & Goji Berry and the original Raw Cacao. Dark chocolate that is velvety smooth and melts in your mouth. Also low in GI, vegan, gluten free and has no dairy or soy. How does this chocolate even exist?

I also had a tasting of their raw choc mint cake and it was amazing. Richly textured, indulgent, yet wholesome and fresh at the same time. You can really taste the difference. 

At $6.90 a bar, you have to be careful as it all adds up with just a few umms and ahhs. Though easily weighed out by the amazing quality and thought that is put into each and every gram of Pana Chocolate. Healthy chocolate. Get on it.

Pana Chocolate
491 Church Street

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