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In celebration of finishing exams, my friend, E and I decided to have lunch at the one and only, Mamasita. As Melbournians, we all know Mamasita as the restaurant on Collins street that serves Mexican cuisine. But restaurant aside, 'mamasita' in Latin-American sling translates to 'hot mama', 'hot babe', or 'hottie'. Go ahead and try it on Google images. And after 142 blog posts on Urbanspoon later, here's my two cents.

Elotes Callejeros

Out first were our piping hot street style chargrilled corn. Beautifully charred, the corn was generously covered in chipotle mayo with queso melted over. A generous squeeze of lime added a dash of citrus to the juicy sweet bursts of corn and spicy smokey chipotle. The smell, taste and appearance was all mouth-watering. These were absolutely demolished.  

Just as we finished munching on our corn, a waitress popped over to place down some toothpicks. This was exactly what we need to wrestle out the corn bits that were unattractively stuck in our teeth. 

de Cabra a la Tinga

Piled high and full of flavour was the braised goat on fried tortillas. Having soaked in tomato chipotle juices, the goat went nicely with the salsa roja, white onion and coriander. Again, with a generous spritz of lime, these tostaditas made a tasty mouthful.

de Arrachera

Taco number uno consisted of a six inch soft shell tortilla with grilled flank steak, tomato frijole salsa & queso fresco. Even E, someone who doesn't usually like red meat agreed that the steak was cooked perfectly.

de Lengua y Cachete

The star of the show certainly went to taco number dos. Filled with braised ox tongue & cheek, pickled veg & ghost chilli mayo, this taco was hands down the favourite dish of the day. Both ox tongue and cheek was soft, tender and melted in our mouths - so good I was tempted to lick my plate clean.

In such a bustling and fun atmosphere, with fast and prompt service, and zestful food, Mamasita was an easy place to love.

Level 1, 11 Collins Street

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