Three Bags Full

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I always look forward to the end of a semester. The sensation of being stress-free and not feeling guilting for eating out days and days on end excites me. So, on the second day post exams, A and I decided to head to Abbotsford and treat ourselves at Three Bags Full.

No surprises here, I already had my eye on the Overnight Braised Pulled Pork. Still, I decided to have a quick scan of the menu as I waited for A to decide on her order. Truffled eggs, mixed mushroom ragu, and Thai chicken and mango meatballs all sounded extremely inviting, but I could not say no to pulled pork.

Overnight Braised Pulled Pork

The overnight braised pulled pork was served on a brioche bun with celeriac remoulade, and house made barbecue sauce. Together, the juicy and melt-in-my-mouth pulled pork , crunchy sweet celeriac with the fresh soft brioche made thick and juicy bites, with pork juices dripping as I ate. Adding a slice of of pickled tomato or two added yet another flavour and texture, which made a great combination to the sweet celeriac and pulled pork.  Certainly impressive, but did not trump Two Birds One Stone's version.

Toasted Roast Pumpkin

Pillowy, yet crispy, the cypress bread was overflowed with roast pumpkin, caramelised onion, feta, cashew pesto, and rocket. The friend found the thick slices of sweet pumpkin together with the caramalised onion made the overall taste of the sandwich predominantly sweet and overpowered the cashew pesto and feta. Nevertheless, it was delicious, but we both agreed that the Overnight Braised Pulled Pork was the winner for the day.

Three Bags Full was everything I expected it to be.  Coffee and food here made an enjoyable brunch and though extremely busy, I could still feel the warmth emanating from this esablishment. Here, coffee, food and ambience filled three bags full.

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson Street

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