Brighton Schoolhouse

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Partly owned by Hawthorn footballer Josh Gibson, Brighton Schoolhouse is all I hear about from T, and so it was about time I paid them a visit. An actual schoolhouse in its former life, Brighton Schoolhouse's name pays homage to the good old days where we spent 6 long years studying day in day out.

Once you start ordering, it becomes quickly apparent that this café brings a simple and concise concept - healthy, wholesome foods and drinks without making sacrifices on taste. Armed with cheeky names and Instagram worthy presentation, think Thor 2 Burgers, Miranda Kerr Waffles and Principal Skinner Large Breakfasts. I was very excited.

Skinny Flat White

Alongside their church theme, coffee is done magnificently by the two Saints here - a Schoolhouse Bayside Blend roasted by St Ali, with premium milk sourced from St David Dairy.

Heirloom Tomatoes

A cheer squad full of heirloom tomatoes adorned two thick slices of olive sourdough toast, full of juiciness and tanginess that danced on my tastebuds. The dish was balanced out with a zesty avocado puree, creamy ricotta cheese and finished with popped grains.

#hashtag YOLO

T went for the #hashtag YOLO - sheets of house cured salmon that draped carelessly over pieces of potato and leek hash, kale, avocado puree and a perfectly poached egg topped with popped grains. The dish originally featured a slow cooked egg, however we were advised that they had run out for the day.

Completed with bashed-up lockers, test tube light fixtures and a detention room, it was surprisingly fun to be back at school. The café offered a nostalgic blast from the past with good food that left us smiling as we walked out the door. Brighton Schoolhouse was top of the class, and have earnt a big fat A+ from me.

Brighton Schoolhouse
15 St Andrews Street
Brighton, VIC

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