Buns & Balls

Posted by Unknown on Sunday, December 08, 2013 with 2 comments
There was no way I was going to miss visiting Buns & Balls on my weekend trip to Sydney. With such a cheeky name coupled with my giddiness towards puns, it was unavoidable. That, and the fact that I am in love with burgers, I really am.

Braised Chilli-BBQ Beef Burger 

This burger was fantastic - get it. Fall apart braised beef, cheddar cheese, grilled onions and crunchy coleslaw lathered in chilli - giving rise to an explosion of flavours which left me saying over and over how amazing each bite was. I had however, one tiny little gripe, directed at the bun being slightly stodgy. Nonetheless, I inhaled it. 

Chicken Balls in a Spicy Louisiana Sauce

The juicy golf sized chicken balls were dowsed in a smooth hot sauce which were of considerable heat. Another winner, though were outshone by the Braised Chilli-BBQ Beef Burger.

Spicy Louisiana Wings

We also ordered a three pack of Louisiana Wings, which were rather marvellous. These wings were served with a side of gooey blue cheese sauce - which I didn't touch as blue cheese and my taste-buds do not agree. I happily went without the blue cheese sauce, as the wings were coated in the same delicious sauce as the Chicken balls. What can I say, you can't go wrong with $1 wings.

Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Vodka and Bitters & Passionfruit Amaretto Sour

Both the vibe and service were spot on at Buns & Balls, and given its price point, I think it's a place you could easily visit on a weekly basis. Whether it be for the live music, finger lickin' food, or you're simply on the prowl for some juicy buns and tasty balls - Buns & Balls have got you covered. 

Buns & Balls
33 Bayswater Road
Sydney, NSW

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