The Piano Restaurant and Bar

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Owners Penny and Tommy (previously Longrain) are the guys behind The Piano Restaurant and Bar, offering modern Thai flavours to the patrons of Richmond. Having knowledge of this, coupled with an overdue catch up with T, The Piano Restaurant and Bar was really a no brainer.

Vegetarian Curry Puffs

The night started off with Vegetarian Curry Puffs filled with green peas, juicy corn kernels and sweet potato. Each bite of these golden pastries made both T and I hungrier and hungrier for more. 

Piano Crispy Duck 

The basil's gentle fragrance danced through the entire dish, pairing well with a slightly spicy soy dressing that glazed the duck. Having been slow cooked for 4 hours, the duck meat was tender and moist. At the same time, the skin was still nice and crispy, as suggested in it's name. It was easy to see how this dish has earnt its place as the signature dish.

Crispy Fried Whole Snapper

One of the Specials of the Day was the Crispy Fried Whole Snapper - a dish that we could not look past. The snapper came deep fried with a superior crunch, accompanied by a fresh mango salad. Unfortunately, I did find that said crunch meant that the snapper was a tad on the dry side and was slightly overcooked. The mango salad and the lime wedge did offset this though, offering flavours of spicy, sweet and sour that brought a refreshing zing to the dish. 

Pad Thai

It did not require much thought at all - of course we had to order Pad Thai. Though, I would call this a prawn dish with noodles, rather than noodles stir-fried with prawns. Look at all those prawns ! Together with warm cubes of tofu, the roasted peanuts added a welcomed nutty flavour, and the bean-shoots introduced bursts of crunch and freshness.  

Dishes at The Piano Restaurant and Wine Bar are well portioned and are sure to satisfy any Thai cravings. Unfortunately, I did find that majority of the dishes did sway towards the sweet side. New to Bridge Road, I believe that, given some time to find their feet, The Piano and Restaurant Wine Bar will be hitting the high notes in no time.

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of The Piano Restaurant and Wine Bar.

The Piano Restaurant and Wine Bar
18 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC

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