CHUR Burger & Gelato Messina

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My first bite in Sydney was at CHUR Burger, and I would not have wanted it any other way.

Making our way through Surry Hills at 3.00pm, most other restaurants were so quiet that you could've heard a fly fart. On the corner of Albion Street, this was far from the case. Coupled with a lively vibe and atmosphere, CHUR Burgers were up and alive, churning out burgers for all. 

Fish Burger

The fish burger was balanced, delicious and a breath of fresh air . Each ingredient worked well together, the softness of the brioche, the crunch of the crumbled fish fillet and the crisp coolness of the pickled cucumber drizzled in lemon mayo and dill.

Pulled Pork Burger

On the other end of the table was one of the most vibrant and visibly appealing burgers I've seen in a while now. Loaded with crunchy red slaw CHUR BBQ sauce and fennel mayo, each element played a stellar role in supporting the tender pulled pork. The brioche buns were light, which soaked up the juices well. I do have to say that the pork and brioche together was a little too sweet for my liking though.

Sweet Potato Fries

To go with our burgers, we also nibbled on Sweet Potato Fries that were super fresh and fluffy. Dotted with garlic and lime, these were our cheeky way of being healthy. 

Voted the best burgers in Sydney, CHUR Burger is doing plenty right for fixing up those hunger pangs. $10 for a burger and $5 for sides, there isn't much to complain about. Chur, mate !

CHUR Burger
48 Albion Street 
Surry HillsNSW

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With bloated belly burgers, we were still keen to get something sweet to share. With Gelato Messina still top of mind, there was no better place to visit than the original Gelato Messina store at Darlinghurst.

Muum Maam & How Now Brown Cow

The Muum Maam was mm mmm mmmm. Sinful fried bits smothered in a creamy coconut custard gelato and completed with swirlings of banana jam. Every spoonful and every lick left me speechless. 

This is the place where diets go to die.

Gelato Messina
1/241 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst, NSW

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