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All aboard since the 80's, Galleon is an original neighbourhood institution - from the boat tables, the mural on the bar to the classics on the menu. A rather busy afternoon, A and I joined the waiting list and absorbed the old school vibe whilst checking out what people were tucking into.

House Baked Banana and Date 

Two chunky slices of banana and date bread came with a generous dollop of vanilla bean ricotta. The bread was moist, dense and naturally sweet -  which paired well with a schmear of light vanilla bean ricotta. 

Galleon Burger with Fried Egg

I seem to be craving burgers a lot these days, and I thought this one would satisfy my hankering. But, as the burger was placed in front of me, my heart sank.

The patty was much too small for the bun - hidden among a jungle of trimmings, it looked as if though it was wearing a ridiculously oversized turkish bun as a hat. It was however, done with a nice crust of char and worked well with the crispy strip of bacon. But, despite what some people say, size does matter.

Super Sailor

A felt like eggs and was immediately drawn to the Super Sailor - smoked salmon, spinach and a poached egg on 
100% rye bread with a dob of chive mascarpone. A enjoyed the flavours, though mentioned that the salmon was on the mushier side and her rye bread was a little over-toasted.

We didn’t dislike the food at Galleon, but it was nothing to shout about either. I guess it just didn't quite float our boat.

9 Carlisle Street
St Kilda, VIC

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