The Beer & Burger Bar

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Residing on the boozier end of Swan St in Richmond, The Beer and Burger Bar is a go to drinking hole for many. As the name would suggest, they do burgers too. Duh.

Slow Cooked Lamb Burger

The pleasantly soft seeded bun held thin slices of slow cooked lamb, smokey bacon strips, fresh tomato, and leafy greens, all topped with a luscious mint jelly and smidgen of harissa. I must say, I was a little saddened as I had expected a fiesta of flavours here. However, the harissa was a let down as it did not hold any heat. On the other hand, the lamb and bacon combo were great. I mean bacon. It's hard to go wrong when you have bacon.

Veg Out Burger

For something a little less carnivorous, we vegged out on the Veg Out Burger - starting with a warm bun, the high-fibre veggie patty was spruced up with squeaky haloumi, thin slices of cucumber, wild rocket leaves, caramelised onion and a sweet tomato jam. We also had a serve of their chips with each burger, which were exactly what we were after - golden and crunchy, while soft and fluffy on the inside. 

I don't think there is all too much to tell about The Beer & Burger Bar - the burgers were good, just nothing memorable. However, if you are around Richmond station and in need of a quick bite, I’d happily point you in TBBB's direction.

The Beer and Burger Bar
112 Swan St 
Richmond, VIC 

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