Hot Star Large Fried Chicken & Gong Cha

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Hailing from Taiwan's famous Shilin Market (士林夜市), Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (豪大大鸡排) has landed in Melbourne, and with a bang. Hot Star can be easily found on Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street, but if you are having problems finding it, just spot the long queues or let the wafting aroma guide you there. 

Established in 1992 by Mr Wang, Hot Star's famous Extra Large Chicken has been satisfying the people of Taiwan with its addicting offerings for years. Today, Hot Star has become one of Taiwan's best-known and must try-snacks. 

Of course, when something this amazing exists, it's only fair to share. Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong were next and it was only in time that it came to the land down under. 

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Encrusted in a deliciously moreish salt and pepper, the humungous 30cm chicken breast was hot, crispy and mouth-wateringly good. Hidden underneath this golden crunch was meat that was so incredibly juicy and succulent. Prepared daily and having been marinated for 24 hours may help explain this.

The genius, Mr Wang himself, had come all the way to Melbourne to ensure that it was just as delicious and authentic as the one you would find at Shilin Market.

Chicken Bites

As well as the famous Large Fried Chicken, Hot Star also offer smaller nibbles to munch on. Awe-inspiringly crunchy, these crispy bite sized pieces were dusted with a spicy seasoning - with just the right touch of heat. But be warned, these chicken pops should be handled with care. Because once you pop, you can't stop.

Mushroom Bites

Like the Extra Large Chicken, the oyster mushrooms were coated in their special marinade and tapioca flour before dipped into the deep fryer -  promising each bite is full of crunch and flavour.

Sweet Potato Fries

Curly Fries

With the Large Fried Chicken earning a permanent spot on the menu, the Hot Star menu varies from country to country to cater for the local crowds' tastebudsCrunchy Popcorn Squid for the Singaporeans, Fishball Skewers for the Hong Kongnese, and Sweet Potato Fries for us Melbournians. Scattered with a tangy plum salt, these hand cut sweet potato fries were JJ's favourite. Curly Fries  made an appearance too.

Between scoffing down all these deep-fried goodies, we quenched our thirst with some Gong Cha. A cool Matcha Milk Tea with Red Bean for JJ, and a refreshing Lychee Oolong Tea for me. Perfect.

Having travelled to Taiwan early in 2013, I would have to say that the Hot Star Large Fried Chicken was one of the highlights from my trip. And how great it is that I can now get my Hot Star fix here in Melbourne. With Gong Cha in one hand and Hot Star in the other, it felt like I was back in Taiwan. Fry me to heaven Hot Star Large Fried Chicken.

confessions of a little piggy was invited to dine as a guest of Hot Star Large Fried Chicken & Gong Cha

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken & Gong Cha
231-233 Swanston Street
Melbourne, VIC 

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