That Greek Tavern

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It had been a long day, and my brothers (aka cavemen) were famished. And so it only made sense to get them to the Greek, to That Greek Tavern.

Lima Bean Salad

Promptly after ordering, we enjoyed a complimentary Lima Bean Salad. Though it may look like any other salad, this tangy salad was bursting with Mediterranean flavours and only made us hungrier with each bite.


A warm golden wedge of gooey, salty kefalograviera goat cheese laced with lemon juice. This was all kinds of delicious.

Mixed Meat Platter for 2

To satisfy the boys, we ordered the Mixed Meat Platter for 2, to share between the four of us. A platter of charcoal grilled lamb and chicken, keftethes and lamb cutlets. The lamb was noticeably inconsistent - a combination of succulent slices that we demolished, as well as dry pieces that were left untouched. On the contrary, the chicken was absolutely mouth watering - juicy, flavoursome and nicely caramelised on the outside. The keftlethes and lamb cutlets also disappeared off the dish in no time.


We also ordered a bowl of fries to nibble on. Nothing special - a standard bowl of fries with a side of tomato sauce.


Certainly, comfort food to the next level, this dish was extremely filling. Layer upon layer were slices of eggplant, bolognese and potatoes, topped with a velvety béchamel sauce and backed to a golden finish. Unfortunately, I found this dish to be quite bland, with the bolgenese lacking in herbs and spices, and thus being overpowered by the overly rich béchamel sauce.


With bucatani in replacement of lasgana sheets, Pastitsio is to Greek cuisine what Lasagna is to Italian cooking. Similar to the Mousaka, the Pastitsio were solid layers of lamb mince, herbs, feta cheese, topped with their homemade béchamel sauce. In the same way, we found that this dish was also lacking the much needed flavour from the lamb, resulting in a dish which felt quite one dimensional.

Though there were a few hit and misses with the food, service here is attentive, speedy, and indistinguishable to that old school slightly scary - where service is loud yet friendly. Regrettably, in my books, That Greek Tavern just didn't cut it to be The Greek Tavern though.

That Greek Tavern
1438 Malvern Rd
Glen Iris, VIC

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