Shark Fin Chinese Restaurant

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Loud and busy, with kids running around playing dodgem cars with steam trolleys. Cluttering and clashing of plates, tea pots filled every minute and what seemed like a never-ending flow of dim sum. Yes, I am talking about Yum Cha - and the above was exactly what Shark Fin Restaurant in Keysborough was.

Football dumplings / Deep Fried Prawn Beancurd Roll
Curry Taro Puffs / Deep Fried Prawn Rice Paper Roll

The Football Dumplings were good, a thick mix of pork and mushroom buried within a satisfying chewy and slightly sweet skin. The Deep Fried Prawn Beancurd Roll's delicate skin encased planty of lovely bouncy prawns. Whilst the feathery Curry Taro Puffs were okay, the aunty in charge had neglected to inform us that these were curry flavoured - if I had known, I would have probably given it a pass. Very similar to the Deep Fried Prawn Beancurd Roll, the rice paper roll version was served with mayo, but was not as well received as the former.

Chinese New Year Special / Chicken Feet / Black Bean Pork Spare Ribs

In celebration of Chinese New Year, - there was a special of chicken feet, prawn mince, mushrooms and black moss, which was quite popular among my grandparents. The ubiquitous Chicken Feet also made an appearance, though was not quite as loose or melty as it could have been. Black Bean Pork Spare Ribs were also ordered to nibble and gnaw on.

Sui Mai, Prawn Dumplings & Shanghai Dumplings

The typical dumplings were up next - Sui Mai, Prawn Dumplings and Shanghai Dumplings. There is no doubt that Prawn Dumplings were to be ordered - plump prawns encased in a beautiful translucent skin. We did find that they were noticeably on the smaller side. The Shanghai Dumplings were incomparable to Din Tai Fung, however were still liked by all.

Spinach Dumplings / Tripe / Ginger Prawn Dumplings

These bright green Spinach Dumplings were gobbled up with heapings of chilli oil, whilst my grandpa enjoyed his Tripe. The Ginger Prawn Dumplings were generously sized and covered in a thick fragrant ginger sauce, garnished with ribbons of ginger and spring onion.

Steamed Prawn Rice Paper Roll / Steamed Chinese Donut Rice Paper Roll

These are a must have at Yum Cha, either one or both. Luscious prawns wrapped in a warm, slippery yet smooth rice noodle, with sweet soy. The same noodles also hugged slightly chewy, slightly crispy chinese donuts and studded with sesame seeds. These were ordered to ensure that they were fresh and piping hot out of the kitchen.

On this particular occasion, a number of our dim sums were absolute delights, but a handful were a touch disappointing at the same time. In the end, the most important thing was that my grandparents enjoyed the food and had left with smiles whilst simultaneously rubbing their bellies.

Shark Fin Chinese Restaurant
328 Cheltenham Road 
Keysborough, VIC

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