South Melbourne Market Dim Sims

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The South Melbourne Market has to be one of Melbourne's most popular markets. And it's not hard to see why - over 133 unique businesses all under one roof. And in my mind, The South Melbourne Market triggers two things - quality fresh produce and the famous South Melbourne Market Dim Sims. 

South Melbourne Dim Sims can be found just along Cecil Street - a simple hole in the wall among the energy and excitement that the market brings. Sure, you may not notice the signage at first, but you would have to be blind to miss the line of devotees waiting eagerly to sink their teeth into a dimmy or two.

Service here is fast - to cater for the hungry masses, it's really the only way. In the line we go, and out we come with their famous dim sims (steamed and fried) and a spring roll.

The dim sims were not only noticeably bigger than your average fish n' chip dim sim, the same can be said for quality and freshness. Have your pick, either straight out of the steamer, or piping hot out of the fryer, these dim sims are the perfect pick me up before, during, or after your shopping trip. 

At $1.80 a pop and guaranteed yums, there's really no need for second thoughts - only second helpings.

confessions of a little piggy was invited as a guest of South Melbourne Market Dim Sims

South Melbourne Market Dim Sims
Cecil St
South Melbourne, VIC

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