Jinda Thai

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Jinda Thai, located just off Victoria Street has made itself home in a beautifully furnished heritage-listed building - high ceilings, exposed brick walls and eye catching light fittings. The restaurant has a great vibe and is very hip and happening. 

The menu here is quite substantial - there are appetisers to nibble on, soups, rice, noodles, stir-fries, curries, salads, and a whole page dedicated to soft shell crabs (win). The menu is never-ending.

Cha Yen & Ka-Fe Yen

With our tongues feeling like sandpaper, we ordered drinks to help beat the heat. Both the Cha Yen (iced Thai milk tea) and Ka-Fe Yen (iced coffee), enhanced with condensed milk were refreshing, aromatic and pleasantly sweet.

Upon request, we were also brought a tray of condiments and sauces to play with - just like in Thailand. 

Moo Ping Sticky Rice

The first dish of the night were 3 succulent skewers of marinated bite sized pieces of grilled pork.  The pork was tender, bouncy and had a great char on the outside. Dipped in nam jim, we gobbled these down with sticky rice. This dish was extremely well received by my brothers - setting the bar high as this was only the first dish.

Som Tum Soft Shell Crab

A harmony of sweet, sour and spice arrived next - with the freshness of green papaya, carrots, snake beans and cherry tomatoes, the kick from the chillies, the sweetness and crunch of candied nuts and cashews, and tang from the dressing. The soft shell crab was satisfyingly crisp, and the overall favour was bold and tasty.

Pad Thai 

We also ordered a serving of Pad Thai - chewy, translucent noodles which were accompanied with a wedge of lemon and a handful of fresh bean shoots.

Grilled Beef Salad

Medium rare grilled beef on a bed of salad leaves, bright red cherry tomatoes, red onion and herbs that added a bit of zest and acid - all dressed in a lemongrass and chilli dressing that left our tongues tingling. This was gingerly scraped up to the last spot of chilli.

Green Curry Chicken

Chicken, bamboo, Thai eggplant, and baby corn all smothered in a thick and flavourful sauce. It was rich in coconut milk with just a mild hint of lurking heat. 

Boat Noodles

Also known as Kuai Tiao Ruea, these noodles were originally served from the floating boats at the market, hence the name. We opted for the traditional beef broth with glass noodles. The soup was dark in colour, complex and rich in flavour, and highly aromatic. The slippery glass noodles had a good bite to them and swam among tender beef slices, beef balls and golden curls of pork crackling. 

My mum absolutely adored this dish and said that they were just as she remembered having them in Thailand. Again and again, as she was slurping these noodles down did she mention how authentic and delicious they were. 

Jinda Thai promises good food. It's a comfortable space, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy authentic food that sure packs a punch - they're certainly not shy with chillies. Though it might take you a while to flag down a waitress for menus or your order to be taken, your patience will be well rewarded. 

Jinda Thai
1-7 Ferguson Street
Abbotsford, VIC 3067

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