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Combi needs no introduction. Famous for their gorgeous raw organise super food smoothies, there is no doubt they haven’t popped up on your Instagram feed. Cue hashtags #cleaneating #raw #organic #vegan #superfoodsmoothies

"In here, there’s always time to eat well, live well, love others, laugh at the small stuff, nourish your body, kick back, take a load off, eat organic, make friends, build community, laugh at the big stuff, roll with the punches, be cheeky, share a smile, waste time, be compassionate, admire others doing their best, dream a little dream, eat your way to beautiful, laugh at yourself."

Berry Beloved / Shine On

Velvet Cacao 

My Shine On was bursting with fresh colours and flavours – brimming with coconut flesh, banana, mango, chia seeds, passionfruit, spinach, mesquite, raw fermented vanilla protein powder, probiotic powder and house made nut mylk.

Maggie’s Berry Beloved was crammed with raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, acai, lucuma, raw fermented protein powder, coconut flesh, banana and house made nut mylk. Whilst Peach Water’s Velvet Cacao was packed full with raw cacao, cacao nibs, berries, coconut flesh, cinnamon, banana, raw choc fermented protein powder and house made nut mylk.

The Shine On was unanimously the winner of all three smoothies.

Raw Pizza

I’m not usually one for raw vegan foods, but Combi’s Raw Pizza was spot on. A crunchy base made of dehydrated sunflower, flaxseed and almond, spread with kale and basil pesto and heaped with shredded veggies, sprouts herbs and drizzled with a raw cheesy cashew sauce. Though the pizza was very on point, the timeliness was not so much. Someone please explain to me why it takes 75 minutes to bring out a raw pizza ? I mean, there’s not even any cooking involved, it’s raw!

Apple Crumble

We also dug into Combi's rendition of an Apple Crumble. Layers upon layers baked Granny Smith apples marinated in cinnamon and cardamom, topped with almond meal, shredded coconut, coconut oil, drizzled with organic maple syrup and served with organic vanilla bean yogurt. Unfortunately this one didn't do it for me, it just tasted a little too healthy for my penchant for apple crumbles.

With their philosophy of clean eating and healthy living, Combi has left Melburnians swooning. Super bowls full of goodness, raw vibrant foods, in-house raw treats, cold pressed juices to revitalise, vitamin rich kombucha on tap and jam packed super food smoothies to nourish.. Not to mention everything is guilt-free and most importantly, Instagram worthy. Get a move on to Combi today. Oh, Combi – you should get a move on too.

1/140 Ormond Road
Elwood, VIC 3184 

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