Lune Croissanterie

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It’s 5.00am on a Saturday morning and Melbourne is snoring away. And no, not that light sleep that you’re thinking about, I’m talking deep slumber to the point where they seem to be dead to the world. I take a peep out of my window and it’s pretty much pitch black. Why am I awake ?

It’s because I’m loon. Loon for Lune that is.

Let me take you through my morning.

5.00am - Wake up. 
5.30am - Pick up friend-just-as-crazy-as-me.
6.00am - Arrive at Lune Croissanterie to queue up.
8.30am - Sing hallelujah as we get out hands on our croissants.
8.35am - Brag all about it on Instagram (this one is mandatory).

Kouign Amann


 Jam & Cream Cruffin

Almond Twice Baked


Kate pleases the morning crowd with traditional plain croissants, pain au chocolat, choc-almonds, kouign amanns, ham and gruyere croissants, and weekly changing flavours in the shape of cruffins and twice baked croissants. This week we saw Jam & Cream and Tiramisu filled cruffins, and Almond, Coconut Pandan and Snickers (to really satisfy) for the twice baked croissants.

My favourite pick goes to Kate’s renowned Kouign Amann (pronounced ‘Queen Aman’), a traditional pastry from the Bretagne region of France. Think caramelised swirls of flaky, buttery layers upon layer of delicate pastry. It tasted exactly what 2.5 hours of lining up should taste like. Absolute bliss.

No doubt Lune Croissants are good, like damn good. Will I line up at ungodly hours for them again though ? Honestly, no I don't think so - I love my sleep too much. But, persuading a friend to deliver a few of these goodies to my door ? Yeah, I'm working on that one.  

Lune Croissanterie
29-31 Scott Street  

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