Stagger Lee's

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Stagger Lee was a pimp from St. Louis, Missouri. He notoriously shot Billy Lyons, a cell mate in the 1900s for pinching his red Stetson hat and since then over 400 musicians and artists have retold the story of Stagger Lee; the ultimate bad-ass.

My favourite interpretation would have to be from the people behind Proud Mary in the form of their latest cafe, Stagger Lee’s.

You will, as you would expect find your staples of toasts, mueslis, and eggs your way. But look a little further and feast your eyes on the likes of Coco Pop and Salted Caramel French Toast or Golden Buttermilk Fried Chicken, cauliflower rice, kimchi and jalapeño lime mayo. Seriously bad-ass comfort food at its best. 

Roasted Lamb

The Roasted Lamb had my name all over it. A bed of velvety smooth hummus paired with the most succulent pieces of lamb oh so beautifully charred with the perfect ratio of meat and fatty goodness. The toasted nuts and rich tangy pomegranate molasses added depth and complexity, whilst the tissue thin slices of radish, winter herbs and pomegranate seeds added bursts of freshness the dish. Really, how could I say no?  

Stack & Billy Burger

A lover of burgers, my friend naturally opted for the Stack and Billy Burger. Featuring a Black Angus shin pattie, juicy bacon, radioactive yellow mustard, catsup, creamy aioli, tangy pickles and cheddar melt served with bacon croquettes and fresh greens, my friend absolutely inhaled this with  a grin plastered to his face.

Food is mouth-watering coupled with service friendly and geared up to please. Oh, and the gorgeous tiffany blue crockery... what’s not to like ? Stagger Lee’s has unquestionably won me over and I am already considering what to order on my next visit.

Stagger Lee’s
276 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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